Adapting to the Change in Business Environment: 3 Key Tips to Surviving in a Pandemic

For many businesses, right now, just surviving the day-to-day is a huge challenge.


…If there is one lesson that can be learned from previous times of economic stress it is that those business who adapt their model can survive. And the best at adapting go on to thrive as even better versions of themselves.

I have been Simply spellbound by the many ways that businesses have been rising to the challenges of the pandemic. Many now offer delivery services and socially distanced collection schemes, others have added new product lines or diversified their manufacturing efforts to meet new demands.

These businesses have been brave. They have stepped away from what they have previously done and adapted to meet their customers new needs.

It is tempting to consider marketing as an extravagance at times like these but it’s not. It’s the key to survival and success.

There is so much evidence out there to show that companies that maintain a marketing focus and continue to invest in their brands not only survive recession – they emerge stronger and more competitive than their rivals.

So, show people what you’ve got….

Use strong imagery and video

Get out of your comfort zone and put your products, people and purpose in front your customers. Show them you are still trading and why they should be buying from you. Mobile video usage increased by nearly 10 million daily viewing minutes in the last two years and this is only going to continue growing post pandemic.

Be consistent

Maximise your brand and make a real impression on people by making sure your messages are consistent – that the imagery, fonts and tone of your website and social media are the same and are instantly recognisable.

Tell your story

If you can’t meet customers face to face then let them meet you and your team virtually. Make it about the people behind the business as much as the products and services you are selling, show them the people who are being supported by their custom.

Of course, I always emphasise the power of professional candid images to pull everything together. But it’s Simply true that, in a world now very much online and screen based, photography is more powerful and necessary than ever.

The human brain can recall 10% of information delivered by text alone up to three days later. Add an image to that text and the recall rate jumps to 65% ( making photographs and imagery an undeniably valuable asset in your post-pandemic marketing plan.

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