Add thousands to your holiday rental income with this simple trick. 

We’re at that point in the year where diets have been ditched, dry Januarys have dampened… and exciting plans are being hatched for the summer. The weather may not be heating up just yet, but interest in holiday rentals sure is. So if you have an AirBnB, static caravan, glamping site or hotel, now is the perfect time to elevate your holiday let photography. Because believe it or not, the right holiday rental  photography could add thousands to your rental income in 2023.  

Why use a professional photographer for your holiday let listing?

Sure, if you’re fortunate enough to have a property to let in a beautiful area like Coastal Suffolk, it can be tempting to sit back and let the area’s natural beauty and local attractions do the selling for you. Meanwhile, you can cut your costs by whipping out your smartphone and snapping the photography yourself. Others do it, why shouldn’t you? 

Actually, that may not be a great idea. Because recent analysis suggests that using professional photography for your holiday rental property has the potential to boost your yearly income by thousands.  

A two-year study by short let specialists Houst looked at how properties performed over two years. In the first year, each rental property used basic smartphone photography in the listings, while in the second year, the same properties were relisted with professionally taken pictures.  

The results were Simply astounding. 

In terms of occupancy, the properties in the study saw an average 18% increase after using a professional property photographer. This led to a 16% increase in their average daily rate.  

 Nice increases, but what did that mean for the property owner’s income? The second year, where professional photographs were used, saw a whopping 73% jump in earnings – which translated to a nifty £2,341 extra profit. 

The study also highlights the other benefits that using a professional property photographer brings (as well as achieving better quality images using high-spec equipment). As a property and specialist interior photographer, I can identify a great angle and use the right lighting to help sell the dream that is a stay in your holiday let. Another positive that will get those holiday guests clicking on the ‘book now’ button before you can say, Suffolk Coastal.

Now, I’m no accountant (and my accountant is no property photographer), but since the cost of one of my property photoshoots comes in at significantly less than even one year’s potential boosted profit (and don’t forget you could use the same suite of photographs over several years) – it seems like a Simply shrewd investment to invest in holiday rental photography so book your holiday letting property and interior photography shoot ASAP. 

Having premium high-quality images means asking for (and getting) the premium prices your property deserves. So let’s get your professional property photoshoot taken and uploaded. Contact me today ☎ 07775 851827 📩 

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