Why Should You Swap Commercial Stock Photography for Bespoke Brand Photography?

Commercial Photography Suffolk

Is stock photography going to do your brand justice? Here, I explain why stock images almost certainly won’t, and may ultimately weaken your brand image…

Creating a fantastic brand reputation is an achievement you can’t really put a price on, other than in the years of sweat, tears, and yes, the financial investment you put into your marketing.

I’ve seen many an amazing business create a beautiful website, with a striking logo, ingenious taglines, and silky-smooth user interface. And yet, at the last hurdle, they’ve missed a trick, by going down the route of using stock photography for their imagery.

Commercial Photography Suffolk

Stock photography has its place, just not in your brand

Stock imagery is very popular for a reason. It has its commercial uses. A beautifully shot library image of a Greek Island beach will do wonders for selling those holidays, for instance. But what a stock image can’t do, by its very nature, is convey your brand message. Sure, you can get a nice picture of a receptionist poised at their desk in an efficient and bright looking office, but what does that say about your company? Does it convey your values? Tell your story? No, because those things can’t be emulated through generic imagery.

Remember, people buy into brands, and make purchasing choices, based on emotions and feelings. Bespoke photography taps into that, and conveys the messages you want your brand to give your customers. Meanwhile, stock photography is only going to dilute that brand message, which will ultimately weaken the emotional connection you want potential customers to make.

Commercial Photography Suffolk

Stock imagery will flounder on social media

With social media being such a potent force in transmitting your brand and marketing messages these days, the need for strong, personal and unique imagery has never been more vital. After all, generic stock photography isn’t going to travel far, or create much impact, because it’s anonymous, and interchangeable with that of other businesses.

Meanwhile, striking, unique and evocative bespoke imagery that conveys your story, on your terms, will give your brand social media traction and drive traffic back to your website.

Bespoke is worth a thousand stock images

As a professional photographer, I use my experience and eye for detail to draw out those little touches that will resonate with your customers. It could be something as simple as a motivational quote hanging in your staff room, or a beautiful shot that captures your whole team in action.

Investing in bespoke imagery that communicates your brand values and message is the perfect way to express the uniqueness of your business. It’s a powerful way to showcase what makes you different from the rest. And ultimately, having a suite of photography that will increase your brand awareness on your website, social media channels and other marketing literature will play a huge part in giving your customers an emotional connection to your brand.

Investing in a new website? Or simply looking to give your brand the edge over competitors? Now is the time to invest in bespoke imagery, and generate those sales you need to thrive. Email me to find out more.

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