Black and White Sports Photography Is Gold Medal Worthy! | Ipswich Sports Day

black and white photography

I recently got asked to officially cover the Sports Day Event for Ipswich School. The sun was shining and I was laden down with a lenses, tripod, monopod, flash, spare batteries an umbrella and a very detailed program detailing the events and their timings which had me questioning how I was going to photograph the high jump event at the same time as the shotput, discus, javelin and 100m were taking place!

Being prepared in our industry is vital and I planned the night before my itinerary over a glass of wine (to steady the nerves of course). In the morning had my three Weetabix, put on thermal layers and laced my speediest pair of trainers I could find (ok, I lied, it was a bit wet underfoot so I wore boots) and headed out for a reckie before the students, teachers and parents arrived.

The events started at 11am and didn’t stop until 4pm. At any one time there were 5 events taking place. I walked, ran, crouched, ran, photographed, ran, ate on the go and didn’t stop until it was time to replace the batteries (the camera’s batteries not mine), mine had to wait until the job was done.

Everyone who knows me knows I have a special place for black and white photography. Mono highlights tones, textures and focuses the eye. Even when I’m photographing to a brief my eye never stops seeing interesting and unique ways of capturing the event. This shot is one of my favourites from the day and I hope you like it too.

All in all I think I captured not only the brief, as given by the School ie some actions shots, parents, children enjoying the events, presentations etc, but I hope captured the energy and essence of the day. It was incredibly exhausting and my muscles ached for three days afterwards (shows how unfit I am) but I, like the children and grown ups there, didn’t stop smiling from the sound of the first gun firing until I went to sleep.

Happiest when I’m photographing great events with love, happiness and a shining sun involved, sports days are special and I’m so proud to have been asked to have been part of a great tradition at this very special historic school.

Black and white photography Relay

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