Bring your food to life with photography that makes mouths water.

A pork pie on a blue delf plate with two quails eggs and a salt bowl

Back in 1st Century Roman Britain Apicius said “We eat first with our eyes”. If social media is anything to go by, we Simply haven’t stopped. But according to a scientific study into the relationship between the way food is plated and the direct effect this can have on hunger, professional commercial food images can be worth their weight in gold.

If the way to the heart is through the stomach, then you want to make sure your customers’ hearts are beating strong for your restaurant. Whether you’re a small cafe, a fine dining establishment, a gastropub, or even an author or chef wanting to showcase your recipes, it all starts with mouth-watering, full-colour images of your food that take customers on a visual journey before they even pick up their forks.

One of the most natural human instincts is to forage and satiate our appetites. In the absence of hunter-gathering pursuits, we have developed what scientists call a ‘visual hunger’, a way of fulfilling this need using images that tickle the taste buds and make mouths water.

As a professional food photographer, it is this visual hunger that I aim to feed, capturing images that showcase your menus, bring guests to your restaurant and ensure your website is busy with orders. I make diners hungry by capturing images of your food (and beverages) that look delicious and taste even better.

As the world has reopened post-covid my skills as a food photographer have been in great demand, especially as competition for diners increases.

There are so many uses for food photography that I always carefully plan a shoot with a client to ensure that the resulting images can be used to the greatest potential on websites; in menus, on social media platforms, in newsletters, and in printed literature.

Commercial food photography should be about differentiating yourself from the crowd and showcasing your expertise. It starts with a strong brief and ends with the perfect shot.

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