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Camera Training - A simple introduction to photography

There’s more to great photography than pointing and shooting…

Contrary to popular belief, good photography skills take time to learn. There is so much more to consider than simply pointing the camera and clicking the shutter.

Many people believe that if they invest in a ‘good camera’ they’ll automatically get great images. Yet nothing can be further from the truth.

In fact, you often find that the more expensive the camera, the more ‘complicated’ the settings – resulting in even more use of that oh-so-handy ‘auto-shoot’ button.

Master the elements of photography

Even before holding a camera, there are two key components that need to be understood and mastered: composition and light.

Once these are understood, you will be able to transform your ‘snaps’ – whether taken on a pin hole camera, disposable camera, iPhone or top of the range camera – into fantastic eye catching photographs that capture your memories perfectly for years to come.

People get very intimidated by all the buttons and dials on a camera, yet once the principles are understood then they become much easier to understand – sometimes you just need someone to guide you (instead of making your way through a thick technical manual that you will never end up finishing!).

Photography Lessons Suffolk. Learn what the buttons mean!
Photography Lessons – Want to learn what all those buttons mean?

Harness your imagination

I first got into training after watching a friend’s child who was lying on the ground taking a photograph of some pebbles on a beach. His mum said: “what are you doing? Silly thing… come here and take a photo of us with on the beach”. Which he did.

Now, that photo is simply just another everyday snap of people looking and smiling at the camera, just like many other people would have done too. Those snaps have their place, they are our memories, however… it could have been so much more.

A child’s imagination is a great thing to emulate – that boy didn’t just see his family stood on a beach, instead he could see textures, shapes, tones and form in the pebbles. It captured his imagination creatively and should have been allowed to be explored.

A fresh perspective…

I would have loved to see what he could have captured.

Photography Lessons Suffolk. Capture a different perspective
Capture a different perspective…

Challenging the norm of what makes a good image

I love teaching adults and children alike and get a great deal of pleasure from opening up a whole new world to people, sharing the magic of photography.

What’s most exciting for me is being able to help adults capture those creative ideas too, just like the child in my example above. To help them change their perspective and realise that, whilst there is no ‘right or wrong’ when it comes to what they choose to capture, it’s important to understand composition and apply a little principle first.

Camera Skills Training. There's no right or wrong, let your imagination guide you
There’s no right or wrong, let your imagination guide you

One-to-one photography lessons

I offer a series of one hour lessons for £40 per hour.

An hour is just enough time for the key points in each lesson to be understood. Any more time and it can be difficult to keep focus – there can be a lot to take in!

All lessons are one-to-one which allows for the fact that everyone works at different speeds. With this focused time and attention, information is much more likely to be retained compared to a group session.

Each lesson also includes a small amount of homework which I will then evaluate to ensure the key point or points have been understood and applied, before moving on to the next stage.

Photography Rule of Third at Cologne Art Museum
Employing ‘Rule of Thirds’ at Cologne Art Museum

Camera Skills Training Programme

I am always happy to discuss anything in particular you would like to achieve, however my lessons generally consist of the following:

Photography Lesson 1
Key components – Composition and Light: Without understanding their importance you will never take a ‘good photo’. Homework.

Photography Lesson 2
Review of homework, a refresh on lesson 1 and then onto Aperture, Speed and ISO. Homework.

Photography Lesson 3
The Camera: The buttons and functions of the camera and how they should be used following lesson 2. Homework.

Photography Lesson 4
Review of homework and amalgamation of the above.

If you would like to learn your way around a camera and how to create good photos, contact me today and book your camera skills training programme.

I can’t wait to see what you can achieve!

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