Change your thinking for the perfect headshots

Matt Perks

When you think about having your headshot taken do you immediately picture yourself sitting bolt upright, uncomfortably static against a terrible 1980s style backdrop meant to convince everyone that you are in a library? Or maybe you are transported back to your school days – balanced on a stool in the dining hall with everyone else watching, waiting for their turn….

Those early photo shoot experiences can leave lasting memories and it is up to me to reassure people that things have changed.

One of the most important elements when I work with a client to produce their headshot portfolio  is to choose the type of shoot that works for them. If someone feels uncomfortable it will show in the photos; I want a shoot with me to put my clients at ease to capture Simply the very best images of them.

I always consider the environment we will be shooting in, especially if the nature of the business also lends itself to some interesting props. I have been so lucky to work with a variety of businesses, from landscape gardeners to property developers, metal workers to candle makers, but whatever the industry I find that people feel more relaxed when they are just going about their day and so, whenever possible, I encourage ‘lifestyle’ shots; natural, un-posed photos.
Outside headshot lifestyle using natural light

Sometimes space or time is limited and so I always arrive at a clients with a very clear idea of what we want to achieve; all pre-empted in a pre-shoot planning session. This means that I can plan in advance for premises that don’t lend themselves to a lifestyle shoot (although I do love a challenge and you’d be amazed at what we can do – even in the most uninspiring environments!). If this is the case I can go prepared for a more structured session.

But structure doesn’t mean boring – or scary! It simply means that as soon as I arrive I will be checking out our options, the comfiest seating areas, the best natural light, the most interesting backdrops – anything that will make the photographs I take fully reflect the brand and the values of the business and its people.

If you’re still not convinced don’t just take my word for it! These are just some of the wonderful comments I have had from clients I have Simply loved working with....

“Such a pleasure to work with someone so professional and personable. Cherry makes it all look so easy and effortless which helps everyone else relax around her” – Jo, Planet14 Landscapes

“From the very first moment she arrived for the shoot, she put me at ease. Her straightforward, knowledgeable and highly efficient way of working meant that the process didn’t take very long at all. And what is more, she checked every shot with me to see if they were what I wanted and/or liked. The editing process was very timely too. I cannot recommend Simply C Photography highly enough.” – Natasha Hodge

“I don’t like having my photograph taken (hideous flashbacks to the 1970s with light meters and squinting into the sun. I don’t like photos of myself. At all. Not one little bit.) However, Cherry was putting me at ease before she even got out of her car and having dressed and accessorised according to her excellent advice, I felt as relaxed as was possible under the circumstances” – Ruth Leigh

Don’t let your previous negative experiences or doubts about your photogenic potential put you off! Give me a call today and lets talk about capturing the right images for your business.

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