White Background Photography Tips for Beginners: Make Your Product Photos Pop!

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Shooting products on a white background…

I’ve talked a bit previously about using natural light to bring your product photography to life, enabling your clients to visualise your products in their lives. I love working with natural light, but it isn’t the only weapon in my photography toolbox.

We take it for granted in those summer months, but the reality is that natural light is a luxury. As the days get shorter, drearier and darker, the natural light we have to work with can be detrimental to the effect we’re trying to create in your customers’ minds.

Which is where white background studio shoot photography comes into play.

Because however little sunshine is on offer out of the window, I’ve got a bright, happy place that I can use to make your products leap off the screen and into people’s digital baskets.

Commercial Photography - Traditional Product

Place the spotlight on your products

When it comes to creating a successful e-commerce website to showcase your products, getting the right image, with the right background, is the first step to driving interest, desire and action from your customers.

In fact, it usually involves capturing several images of the same product from different angles and then a few close-ups thrown into the mix for good measure.

Think about the likes of Amazon, which gives website visitors the option to ‘zoom in’ in and take a close up of a selected picture, whilst still retaining the same clarity levels.

With nothing else to catch the eye, your products are front and centre in white background product photography, and believe me, outside of a studio setting, it’s very difficult to get that effective white background.

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Finding the angle that sells

Some people might say that not all products are equally photogenic. However, I have to disagree. True, in the wrong hands, or taken with an amateur eye, even the most decorative and attractive products can be rendered flat and lifeless in a digital image. What may have appeared to be a clean background when the photographs were taken, often proves to be dirty and murky when seen up close.

But as a professional commercial photographer, I use my artistic and creative skills to get the best angle of a product, bring it to life, and that’s what ultimately drives desire from people when they view it on your website.

Which means you’ll benefit from increased sales, more contact from customers, and further interest in your brand. At the end of the day, that’s the reason you invest in high quality professional product photography. So remember, whilst the light levels outside might be decreasing, your product sales don’t have to follow suit.

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