The 4 C’s of Commercial Brand Photography

Establishing your brand with Commercial Photography

Creating a strong brand identity requires a consistent message that’s regularly delivered through your website and marketing materials such as brochures, leaflets and social media. And the first and most important way to do this is through the images your brand uses.

Picturing your brand

To tell the story of your brand effectively you need a bank of stylish, evocative and tailored photographs that capture the mood you wish to create vividly in people’s minds.

This isn’t something you can achieve with stock photos. They may look nice and presentable but will never effectively get across what is unique about your brand, because by their very nature stock images are generic.

It’s also not something you can achieve yourself with a decent amateur camera, though many businesses try as it’s a cheaper option. I’ve seen it done many times, and I’ve even been called in to repair the damage done to a website’s imagery by an enthusiastic amateur with a professional camera.

No, if you’re serious about establishing your brand identity and achieving the financial returns and greater market share that come from increased brand recognition, then you need more than a good camera. You need to invest in the services of a commercial photographer who’ll bring, amongst other things, a stylist’s eye, and the technical skill required to capture the images your brand requires to gain traction.

What a stylist brings to your brand

Creativity. With Simply C Photography, there’s a lot going on behind the camera. I bring my creative eye for what makes an image work, using the skills I learned as an interior design stylist.

Consistency. Whatever the image, my style always shines through and ensures the same brand messages are put across in every shot.

Commercial focus. When I talk about investing in commercial photography, that means I’m going to work with you to understand what you want to achieve for your business. I’m talking about photography specifically designed to sell, elicit desire, and prompt people take that further action you require.

Candid imagery. This means capturing your team, premises and products as they are. And how you want people to see them. It’s about natural light and natural poses, finding the details that tell the right story and giving your customers a clear view of why they should buy into your brand.

These are the four Cs that I keep in my camera case, and in my experience, they’re the best way to create commercial imagery that reaches your potential customer’s hearts. And once you have their heart, their brain will soon follow.

Let’s establish your brand identity with candid, commercial focused and creative natural-light photography. Call Cherry on 07775 851827 or contact us here to find out more.

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