Commercial photography is a go-go at 1975

Woodbridge 1975

Friends, food, drinks, Suffolk. So many of my favourite things all neatly wrapped up in a photo shoot for new Woodbridge Winebar 1975 (and it incorporates the year I was born 😉- Simply perfect!)

In this latest addition to Woodbridge’s restaurant scene, owner Clare Swann has created a unique wine bar and grazing platter concept in the heart of the town at Gobbetts Yard. Her mission – to deliver the best food and drink Suffolk has to offer, in a fun and friendly atmosphere. Her focus – fantastic service, fabulous decor and hand-picked local producers to support her ‘eco, ethical, sustainable ethos’. And what a brilliant venture this is turning out to be!

Strong branding

The bar itself is a great example of staying true to your brand. It has a fantastic 70s vibe, which is reflected in the website and social media accounts. And Clare recently put on an equally vibrant launch event that was fantastically supported by friends, family and future patrons.

Food is the soul of Winebar 1975, and I was delighted to be asked to photograph the dishes here.

As with most of my photo assignments, planning is essential. But when it comes to photographing food, you need to do more than just capture the essence of the dish; you have to create an image that’s as appealing to the eye as it is to the palate.

1975 offers a selection of perfectly put-together grazing boards and, as signature dishes, I knew that these were priorities for our photoshoot. But let’s not forget the open toasts, bagels, and light nibbles…..I could go on! The menu is so varied and eclectic that I made sure I went armed with a plan so that nothing was missed and the food could be captured at its fresh and appealing best.

Incorporate the background

Clare has made sure that the 70s vibe carries through in everything that 1975 produces – even the plates and serving boards have a real retro feel to them and they formed very important elements of the images. I would always recommend incorporating these subtle details to help sell the ‘brand’ – but be careful not to overload the image with too many clashing colours or distracting items.

Sometimes the venue for a food photoshoot can be just as appetising as the food itself and incorporating elements of the location can add an extra dimension to the resulting images. A professional food photoshoot can incorporate architectural and design elements that really give diners a preview of the setting where they can enjoy your dishes.

Capturing the atmosphere

A commercial food photography shoot should capture your venue’s atmosphere and make it easy for potential customers to imagine themselves there, enjoying all that your establishment has to offer.

If you are looking for a fantastic place to eat and drink in Woodbridge I can’t recommend Winebar 1975 enough. I Simply can’t wait to return to sample some more delights and capture some more delicious images.


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