What Happens in Outdoor Corporate Headshots: A Case Study

Corporate Headshots, Portrait Photography-Fusion Spaces

Fusion Spaces Case Study… breaking away from the norm

I was recently asked to do a photo shoot for workplace wellbeing consultancy, Fusion Spaces, up at one of Suffolk’s most famous beaches – Aldeburgh.

As a forward-thinking consultancy firm which promotes wellbeing in the workplace, founders Jayne and Michael understand that people Рhappy  people Рare at the heart of every successful business.

This is why they were so keen to showcase the ‘human side’ of their business, which actually involves a fair bit of technology.

Man’s best friend…

A healthy work/lifestyle balance is something that the team at Fusion Spaces actively promote throughout their work, so it was important for them to demonstrate that they also ‘practise what they preach’.

They therefore wanted me to capture a series of images, alongside updated corporate headshots, that truly brought this ethos to life.

Bring in the pooches…

We started off with a cup of tea and gave the dogs some time to get comfortable with me and my cameras before heading out. This involved a fair amount of time with me on the floor – something I seem to do a lot of during the course of my work as a professional photographer!

Bring in the Pooches - Commerical Photography

Candid yet professional photography

After we got to know each other a little better, we went for a walk along the beach in order for me to capture some staged shots of them walking either towards or away from me.

This added a little dynamism into their shoot as well as invoked thoughts of similar activities in the minds of viewers. Hopefully we will have inspired Fusion Spaces’ customers and potential customers to get out and about for a refreshing walk also – after all, that’s what photography does so well… it inspires people to take action.

Outdoor commerical photography

Relaxed Outdoor Commercial Photography

Natural, relaxed headshots

Next, it was time for some portrait photography. Again, it was important to remain true to the spirit of the photo shoot as well as the company ethos of Fusion Spaces and ensure that any headshots emphasised the humanity of the founders.

Adopting relaxed poses was much easier following a walk outside, so we were able to eliminate any awkwardness pretty quickly.

Posing for photographs is something that many clients can struggle with so stepping outside of the norm and enabling them to have their photos taken in an environment that is familiar and comfortable, can really help.

Relaxed Corporate Headshots-Outside

In addition to the headshots taken on the beach, we also set some up inside, in order to provide additional options for usage on the Fusion Spaces website, on their social media sites and in any other marketing materials they may wish to provide in future.

Again however, these were kept relaxed and natural and also included some scenario-based imagery along the same lines…

Candid Commercial Photography

The New Norm?

In today’s competitive marketplace, I truly believe that professional photography has the power to set a business aside from the rest.

More and more, people are buying ‘people’, as the barriers to entry for many sectors lowers thanks to the opportunities that virtual offices and technology can bring. So it is the human touch that often makes the difference between a business enquiry that converts and one that is lost.

This is one of the reasons why I specialise in producing photographs that are not only ‘professional’ in the traditional sense of the word, but most importantly, Candid. That’s what the C in my name stands for after all (and I bet you thought it just stood for Cherry)!

We are seeing a shift in mentality from even the most corporate of organisations when it comes to their photography. People are recognising the value of letting their customers ‘in’, and removing that ‘aloof-ness’ that historically came with commercial photography.

I for one am very happy to see this shift.

If you are too, and you would like to work with me to create beautiful, candid, professional imagery for your business, please get in touch with me via email, phone (07775 851827), or send me a message via my Facebook Page.

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