Corporate headshots should showcase your individuality as well as present a professional view of your business

Image is everything, especially online. Your headshots help to define that image.

We might live in a world of remote working and online networking, but at heart, business is still driven by the ‘people buy from people’ mantra. Which is why the corporate headshots of you, the Board and your team need to do the heavy lifting.  

Your company profile page, your LinkedIn image the ‘Who’s Who’ behind your brand are all great opportunities to show the world the real you, your values and those of the team behind your business.

Professional corporate headshots have the power to define what you want the world to see and they Simply need to be the best they can be.

I specialise in using natural light to capture the real you as I believe it naturally brings out the best in a person and adds an authentic dimension. I also ensure that the smaller (but no less important) details of the shoot are covered, advising on what to wear or the addition of any props to maximise your brand image and storytelling.

Candid, Commercially focused and Creative – the Simply “C” Way.

As a professional corporate headshots photographer, I can help you to discover which style of headshot would suit your purpose. By identifying where your images will be used and what you want your headshot images to show about you, your brand and business, we can discuss the options that will create the best results.

I work with you to mix creative ideas with sound commercial goals, culminating in a full solution portfolio of “Simply You” personal branding headshots.

Every shoot is different and whether you opt for lifestyle portraits, more formal white background headshots, group and team photos, candid images, black and whites or maybe a combination; the result will be a bespoke selection of powerful portraits and corporate branding headshots that elevate how others see you, ensuring that you and your team stand head and shoulders above your competition.

Above all as a true people person I know how to put my clients at ease, working quickly and painlessly to capture those relaxed and candid images that bring the ‘real you’ to life.

Looking for inspiration? Check out my gallery below to see some of the corporate headshot and personal branding imagery I’ve captured for my clients, using a mixture of lifestyle and formal photographs.

Corporate Headshot Photographer FAQs

What to wear for corporate headshots?

Whether it’s a headshot or a personal branding portrait, you still need to feel good about yourself, and the way to do that is to be comfortable in what you’re wearing. Your clothes also tell people a lot about your personality, and that’s what I’m looking to capture. So do think about the story of you and your brand that you’re looking to project. You may feel at your most comfortable wearing a onesie whilst watching Netflix in bed, but that probably won’t be the image you want appearing next to your podium in a conference. Visit my blog page and read ‘What should I wear for a corporate headshot?’

How to pose for corporate headshots?

Comfort is always key for headshots. From the clothes you choose to wear to how you position yourself. If your job isn’t spent behind a desk then your headshot shouldn’t be either – and if you are not comfortable then it will come across in images. Whilst I don’t advocate ‘posing’ for pictures in the traditional sense, you should try to relax your shoulders and smile! So we will chat and I will quickly and quietly capture you – it’s so painless and quick that you won’t even notice!

What professions need headshots?

You might ask yourself, “who needs a headshot?” and should I be getting one? Maybe I’m biased, but I think everybody should have a great headshot these days. The reasons for this are endless and many industries and professions require one. Businesses that have people at its very heart can benefit from professional headshots as part of their ‘meet the team’ strategy and a way to humanise their enterprise.

What makes a good corporate headshot?

A good corporate headshot is one that shows people something about you and your business. People buy from people, and I really aim to make that come across in the images I produce. A good corporate headshot will show an element of a person’s personality and the essence of them. It will also be a very hard-working image, suitable to be used across a variety of places – from your website to your social media and printed literature. That said, a good headshot or personal branding photoshoot will leave you with several great images so that you can choose the right headshot image for the right situation and medium.

Why are corporate headshots important?

In these digital days, long before someone meets you in person, they’ve probably already got an idea of who you are and what you look like. Perhaps they’ve visited your LinkedIn profile, seen you on the ‘About Us’ section of your website, or read your contributor bio in a trade publication. They might even have your sales brochure in their pocket. And no matter what else their research tells them about you, the thing that will leave the biggest impression is that initial corporate headshot.

What are corporate headshots?

Corporate headshots are about capturing an image that shows people who you are and gets across how you want to be perceived by the outside world. Professional corporate headshots have the power to define what you want the world to see and with the impact that they can have they really do need to be the best they can be.

Where to take corporate headshots?

Headshots don’t have to be boring! I am a huge fan of candid images (it’s what the C in ‘Simply C’ stands for) and I love to take a lifestyle approach in getting people away from their desks to make the most of their environment when taking corporate headshots. For instance, outside your place of work, or at a significant location in your career. It’s a great way to tell your story and get across what you do. It offers a lot of ways to use background details, get a candid shot using natural light, and even bring a sense of fun and personality into the picture.

How much do corporate headshots cost?

The cost of a Simply C headshot photoshoot will always vary, depending on the time required and location. And, as with all of my photoshoot's pricing is bespoke to each client and the brief.
As a guide, a single white background headshot is straightforward at £75, whereas a personal branding photoshoot with 3 images would be £200 and a full branding portfolio with 6 different images in different setups and a change of outfit will take longer and cost on average £575.
However, if a photoshoot includes a larger number of employees capturing on site this would be priced on a time element and quoted as a bespoke commission.

If you'd like to discuss your portrait plans or arrange corporate headshots for your business, contact me today.