Professional Creative Photography: Selling a Story With Imagery

Staircase in a building using rule of thirds

My job as a photographer entails selling a story with creative photographic imagery. Sometimes that’s a huge challenge especially when it comes to capturing offices and buildings. But regardless of what commercial or corporate product I’m creating photographs for I look for a unique image that can lift a brochure, add interest or a story to the product, perhaps showcase some of the other USP’s as well as the obvious functionality of the product.

For example on a recent shoot for an estate agents’ brochure of a large office I captured the necessary broad open office images, the look of the space inside, but also photographed the outdoor courtyard with it’s statue of children running, photograph below.

A tranquil and wonderfully peaceful spot, a positive feature of the office and dare I say, without sounding more of a saleswoman rather than a professional photographer, a “unique selling point”!

For whatever product you may have, be it an office, garden office, all elements of services please do not hesitate to contact me. I cover all aspects of commercial / corporate photography as well as pet and personal portraiture and would be delighted to discuss ways of showcasing you, or your products, professionally and uniquely through creative imagery.

Cherry Beesley

PS – Just as an interesting story I was commissioned to photograph once a set of golf clubs and to frame an image for a golf widow to her always absent husband. Fortunately he saw the humour in it and they are still married. I love being part of people’s stories. Photography captures more than just images.

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