How to Advertise Your Holiday Home With Photography

Did somebody say ‘staycation’? Right now millions of people are browsing the internet looking for a lovely B&B or holiday home to rent in the UK where they can go and spend their hard earned holiday budget. And if you’re in the tourist industry, and have a B&B or holiday home, the loss of business by the larger package holiday providers could be your gain… as long as you have your marketing photography up to date and ready to draw people in.

I’ve never made a secret of my love of Suffolk. I’ve lived here for many years with my family and I hold this county dear to my heart. We live in one of the most picturesque places in the UK… it truly has everything. Beautiful beaches, amazing market towns and plenty of rolling countryside. I’ve spent more hours than you’d care to imagine ambling about with my trusty camera, taking images of sea, sky and wide open spaces. I love the contrast of the colour of the sea against the sky where they merge. I could talk about my love of the local scenery all day, and I Simply can’t think of anywhere I’d rather be stuck than here.

Putting Suffolk in the staycation picture

It’s one thing being in Suffolk and seeing the beauty for yourself, but the trick is to ensure that people know about what we have to offer, and feel compelled to come here over, say, Cornwall, the Lake District of Pembrokeshire. And the best way to communicate that in your online holiday home listing is through your photography.

And I approach marketing photography with a commercial mindset. It’s important to understand what an image needs to achieve to stand out from the hundreds of other listings vying for people’s attention.

For instance, it’s one thing showing interior shots of your holiday let, but you also need to be able to elicit an emotional response, and offer a narrative using visual cues. What tells people more about your B&B? An empty bar seating area, or a dog sleeping by a roaring fireplace? Get your image right, and you’ll have people clicking the ‘book now’ icon and heading down the A12 before you know it.

The staycation economy

There isn’t a lot of good to come out of the Coronavirus, but the billions of pounds forecast to be spent on local holidays this year could offer a silver lining to many small businesses, and I believe Suffolk deserves its cut of the money as much as anywhere on the South Coast. And, to attract the tourists, we Simply need to show what we have to offer at its best. And the most powerful way to do that is with commercial photography. Is yours in place and ready to do the work? If not, now is the time to invest in new commercial photography and get more from your online marketing and listings.

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