Everything you need to know about preparing for your corporate headshots.

So you’re looking to get a professional headshot? Maybe you want to freshen up your corporate photography? It makes sense to call in a professional for the job. After all, these are the personal branding images that are going to define you for the next few years, everywhere from your professional social media accounts, to publicity materials, and so much beyond. No pressure, right? But don’t worry, you’ve come to the right place.

As it happens, I’ve taken headshots for many of the great and good across a wide range of industries, from well-known names, to up-and-coming success stories. Over the years, I’ve developed some key pointers for ensuring my clients get the most value, and whisper it, enjoyment, out of their professional photoshoots. So sit back, take note, and let’s get you prepared for the camera.

First of all, take a deep breath, and relax.
Whether you’re naturally shy, or Simply love the chance to show yourself off at your best, there’s something about a camera that makes people freeze up. Suddenly, your smile doesn’t seem so natural, and you’ve forgotten what to do with your hands. So rather than focus on your nerves, take some time to get everything you need together to make your shoot go smoothly:

Prepare several outfits.
Pick a few options, make sure they’re looking fresh, and pack them up carefully so you can transport them without risk of crumpling. If you’re not 100% sure on the image you want to project, choose three outfits: casual, formal and fun, and we can go from there. Some people have a clear vision for their look, others want guidance. I can help you with either approach on the day. I always suggest dressing in the clothes that make you feel most confident, because that’s how you want the world to see you.

Incidentally, having options is also important for when it comes to group shots. It can also help to coordinate clothing with your colleagues. Because there’s always that chance everyone will all turn up in the same red outfit. Yes, it happens, and more than you might think.

Hair and Makeup.
Whether you want a full professional grooming session before the shoot, or you’re comfortable Simply styling yourself, is, of course, down to your own approach, and what is natural and authentic to you and your personal brand. But if you’re planning to use a stylist, make sure you book in ahead of time. Otherwise you’ll find yourself rushing around on the day of the shoot, trying to secure a last-minute slot at a salon.
Think about the props that might work for you. I’ve taken pictures of clients holding up awards, products and various other items. It can be a great way to communicate your personal brand. If you’ve got ideas you want to talk about, or are looking for inspiration before the shoot, I’m always happy to brainstorm, and throw some creative ideas into the mix.

Location matters.
Getting a background that has meaning to you and your career can add a lot of power to a photograph, and get across a lot about who you are. But when it comes to a shoot, there are other considerations. Such as the quality of natural light available, the weather (hello rainy autumn) and particularly if you have a few different locations, how far away they are from each other.

Again, I Simply love discussing ideas with my clients, and should you have no particular preference, I can always handle the location side of things.
…and remember, the camera loves you. Especially mine.

Like I said at the start, nerves are natural. But the great thing is, I’m not just a photographer, I’m also a people person. I love to chat to people about their lives, and you’ll often hear a lot of laughter, and see a lot of relaxed smiles during my shoots. You’ll be surprised at how little time it takes for even the most shy and reticent person forget about why we’re there, and start being their ‘real self.’ And while that’s going on, I’ll be busy capturing the shots that are going to boost your public profile for years to come.

Let’s get your corporate headshots booked in, so we can show the world how awesome you really are.

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