Professional Product Photography for Ipswich Makerspace

This is a wonderful initiative being organised by an organisation in my community called Ipswich Makerspace in ipswich. They have making visors and doing delivery runs to get them to the front-line heroes that so desperately need them. I offered to photograph them to help this group to spread the work and hopefully attract more support.

A lady who has been delivering for them wrote this on social media to explain why they are doing what they are doing:

“Hi, I am delivering these Face shields – hundreds are going out each day. There is a real need for these – it is shocking really – I am delivering to health care workers on all levels, and hearing heart rending stories that could give me sleepless nights for the rest of my life. These people are working so very hard and under so much pressure, and they are so unbelievably grateful for our help, they cannot thank us enough. Some people are virtually grabbing them out of my hand.

“Making delivery of these Face shields is a humbling experience. I have been delivering directly to staff on the front line of the NHS and social care – and not just one or two Face shields, it’s 50, 60, or 70, at a time! I can’t stress enough how much they mean to the people they are going to… keep them coming.

“Somebody told me this morning that I am an angel in disguise, and that I don’t even understand that I am saving lives… that’s not just me, that extends to everyone… Stay safe.”

I continue to be Simply blown away by the relentless committment and dedication of these people, who live among us to Simply get stuck in and do what they can in this deeply uncomfortable time.

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