Focus on good food photography

A blue dish with a meal of pan fried fish on a whote and green sauce sitting on a blue bolw. Taken from overhead to give an example of good food photography

There is an image (below) that pops up on my social media from time to time – and it always makes me shudder! Whilst this has become a popular (and amusing?) meme, it also says a lot about why good food photography is so very important, and why photoshop doesn’t always enhance a photograph….

And there it is!

A great example of why businesses should be taking care with their food photography. And don’t even get me started on the upside-down peas.

The key message that I take from this photograph is that good food photography is powerful. The images can say a lot about your restaurant or your catering establishment, even more than words, and in a much shorter space of time.

So, if you want your food to be remembered for all the right reasons what should your food photographs focus on?

Tell a story

Your business is so much more than just a menu. It is the seasons inspiring your dishes, the local suppliers you are using, the helpful, professional staff you employ and your wonderful chef – so let people know! Include your people, the suppliers, even your guests in your images and tell the story of the many layers of your business.


Like any professional photography, good food photography should trigger emotions. And not uncomfortable ones. You want people to look at your menu and feel compelled to order, eat and enjoy – before returning for more with their friends in tow or sharing their positive experience on their socials.

Get the light right!

This image is also a great reminder that natural light is the best accompaniment to good food photography. Don’t believe me? Compare some of my gorgeous food photographs to the plate of yellow food and tell me which looks more appealing (and edible)!

You can read more about the importance I place on natural light here

Real life

Don’t get me wrong, good food photographs don’t always need to be perfect, but they should definitely be better than this! However, crumbs, missing slices of cake, used cutlery, they can all make food photographs more credible and resonate more with your potential customers.

Professional food photography isn’t limited to high-end restaurants.

Fast food needs professional images just as much as any other food business. Especially if you want to set your offering aside from your competition. Burgers don’t have to be boring! And pizza isn’t plain! After all, you still want your pies and peas to be noticed for all the right reasons.

If this has given you an appetite for presenting your dishes with scroll stopping professional photography you can find out more here >>  or Simply get in touch.

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