Mouth-Watering Food Photography Examples | Case Study: With Bruisyard Hall

Food photography

Food photography can make the difference between an empty restaurant or a fully booked venue.  If your food images look enticing, chances are that people will want to try it for themselves. I recently worked with a client to capture their mouth-watering food created by their chefs. Here is how I did it….

The client: Bruisyard Hall

Well known in the area as a beautiful wedding and event venue, Bruisyard Hall has a storied and interesting history, priding itself on excellent client service.  Not only does that mean their guests enjoy the beautiful venue, personal service and luxury accommodation, it also involves preparing brilliant, bespoke and creative cuisine in-house. The chefs create a standard of food that is highly rated by anyone lucky enough to sample it.  Bruisyard required a range of images that ensured every evocative, candid and captivating aspect of the food was captured in the most elegant of styles.

Food photography



The challenge

When you look at Bruisyard Hall, it’s a grand place, with a long history, and beautiful grounds. It’s got a high-class reputation, and people who go there pay good money and expect the best. That meant my food photography had to meet those same high standards, and yet also achieve that commercial focus they needed. The finished product had to jump off the page, or screen, and make people want to eat the food. It had to engage the senses and drive desire.

Food Photography

Serving food photography success

Before food was prepared, I spoke to the Bruisyard Hall kitchen team, got an idea of what they wanted to present, and then we agreed together on which dishes would make the best images. As a commercial photographer, research, communication and collaboration are vital tools. It’s not just about turning up with a camera in hand.

I also took the time to scope out the best angles, the most evocative lighting and the general feel of the area. All this would be vital in giving me the information I needed to create the right mood in the photography.

For this project, that meant using the right natural light to create a candid suite of images. Some people prefer a white background, controlled environment shoot when it comes to commercial food photography, but I think that can lead to lifeless, bland imagery. Bruisyard Hall’s ambition required something more personal, candid and, well, less sterile.

Food photography


Was it a success? Well, the proof really is in the pudding, I guess….

Your commercial photography

The power of strong, commercially focused photography means bringing your products, premises and people to life in your marketing and sales literature in a way that you Simply can’t do with stock imagery. I can help you do that. To find out more call Cherry on 07775 851827 or email me for more info.

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