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Product Photographer Testimonial

Winnie the Pooh’s wise friend Tigger once said “Buddy, if you’re gonna pounce, you’ve got to have some bounce!” And they Simply don’t come much bouncier than Jumpking – the largest trampoline manufacturer in the world, who is based in Suffolk and distribute across the UK.

Jumpking has recently joined my product image portfolio, and what a product shoot it was! The company has a very clear understanding of the value of professional images (according to Shopify, “50% of online shoppers think that product photos are more important than product information, reviews, and ratings,”) and the brief for their shoot set out an exciting, multi-layered project with clearly defined outcomes aimed at demonstrating why a JumpKing trampoline is a perfect addition to family gardens of any size.

This project combined lifestyle images, which show products in use and white background product photography with images that focus entirely on the products without any distractions. All of these have then been used across the company website, brochures and social media. Simply a major feat of planning, logistics and collaboration, so…

We also needed an extra pair of hands and space to take the white background shots of the JumpKing products that formed stage one of the project brief. Roger Barcham, a fellow Ipswich-based photographer, whose drive-in studio is large enough to accommodate fully assembled trampolines, helped us complete this element of the project.

Capturing the white background shots was one thing, a day of military precision planning that involved moving the products in and out of the studio and a real team effort from all involved – but that was before the 3-day, on-site, lifestyle shoot! This took place in the garden of a beautiful Suffolk property.

You may think it sounds easy to photograph a large product – after all, it will potentially be the biggest item in the image! But this brings its own issues. Here are some of the key considerations I had to work with:

Make the product the focal point.

Just because you can’t set up in a studio doesn’t mean that your product has to get lost in a busy frame. I made sure that the trampolines were the focal point by positioning them in the middle of the shot and kept the backgrounds as simple as possible. Luckily we had some beautiful clear skies and the cloudless blue alongside the green of the lawn made for a really uncluttered, clean background and an image where the product itself was centre stage.

Get the product in context.

Jumpking trampolines are sturdy pieces of equipment available in a variety of shapes and sizes (trampolines aren’t just round nowadays. There are rectangular, oval, even zorb shaped ones!)

Not everyone has a lot of outside space so people need to be able to realistically picture these in their own gardens and creating an accurate sense of scale is very important. If the photograph shows the trampoline in the middle of a large lawn it makes it much harder for people to understand how it might fit on their own. Trees, bushes, buildings, garden furniture – all were used to demonstrate scale.

People buy from people

Using lifestyle photography with people in your images is a great way to demonstrate who you are aiming your products at. On the Jumpking shoot I was lucky to have access to some very fun and enthusiastic young people and there was definitely no forcing their enjoyment on the trampolines!

This was such a fantastic shoot to work on and involved the very best in communication and collaboration to get it over the line.

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