Give your sales a boost with commercial Christmas product photography.

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Is your Christmas product photography wrapped and ready to go? If not, don’t panic – there’s still time (just) to boost your marketing strategy with a festive photoshoot.

Forget footfall, let’s talk clicks.

Oxford Street may be seeing steady year-on-year declines in footfall, but does that mean people are spending less money on Christmas shopping? No, they’re Simply spending less time on rainy high streets.

These days, online retail is where the real action, and money, is. However, while having a great SEO strategy may snag plenty of visitors to your site, it’ll only get you halfway down the chimney. To get under people’s trees, you’ll need to hit them with the Christmas feels (Remember sales psychology 101: People make purchasing decisions from the heart, not the head).

The best way to do that is with a suite of commercial Christmas photography that transforms your digital shop window into a magical, glittering grotto of desire.

Deliver bumper sales for your business with a Christmas photoshoot.

Whether you’ve got a special Christmas range, or Simply want to infuse your current products with a warm and seasonal glow, my trusty eye for a shot can make all the difference to your sales. I love to start a shoot by dressing the set to create the right atmosphere. Often, as you’ll see in the example pictures, I’ll take a combination of static and lifestyle images. Mixing and matching these kinds of shots (particularly on your social channels) is a powerful way to drive desire for your products.

Bottle up your premises’ Christmas magic.

Once fireworks have died down and sparklers fizzled out, people’s full attention turns to Christmas. Shopfronts are transformed, and out comes the tinsel, lights and baubles. That means it’s the perfect time to capture the kind of cosy, twinkling shots that will be pure dynamite when it comes to selling your Christmas packages. And between me and you, it isn’t always about going for maximum glitz. Sometimes the smaller details make the biggest impact. It’s amazing what a well-shot image of a warm and inviting fireplace can do to sell out your festive bookings.

A festive commercial product photography photoshoot isn’t just for (this) Christmas.

Let’s face it, these are tough economic times, and many businesses will be looking to reduce expenses this year. At first glance, it’s easy to put your Christmas photography in the luxury expenses column. Some of your competitors may even take that approach.

However, as a commercial photographer, my approach is to deliver images that drive enquiries, sales and bookings. It’s an investment in your business. And even better, one that can be used, again and again, year on year. I also optimise your images for use across socials, and other marketing channels. That means you’ll get extra value from each image, through the muscle they add to your posts, newsletters and email campaigns.

Something that will give you a competitive edge over your competitors, especially the ones with less photo-friendly budgets.

Looking for engaging, commercial product photography to boost your Christmas sales? Simply get in touch, and let’s discuss your needs. Oh, and don’t forget, a professional photographer isn’t just for Christmas. Hard-working images bring value to your business 365 days a year.

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