Gofer power to new heights of success with commercial photography

Solar power unit in a field

Generating interest from new clients is something Gofer take very seriously and for some time now I’ve worked closely with their team to create the imagery that has powered their incredible growth.  

Our professional relationship began with capturing their equipment in white background product photography. Gofer have become the go-to brand for supplying environmentally friendly power sources to the likes of festivals, outdoor TV productions and marquee weddings.  

Oh, and did I mention I Simply love the Gofer team? They’re a bloody gorgeous family business with a very close supportive team. And the feeling is mutual: 

“We have been using Cherry (Simply C Photography) for a few years to help with Gofer’s branding and product image.  Capturing a range of images from stock photos of equipment to action shots to demonstrate who we are as a business.  She is great to work with, bringing her kind and approachable nature to the photo shoots. Would highly recommend to any business looking for a photographer”. Elizabeth (Liz) Forsdike 

Lovely words on behalf of the lovely husband and wife team who run this amazing local Suffolk business. It’s always a pleasure to work with people who have honest ambition and vision. As Gofer have grown over the years, they’ve always put their trust in me as a lifestyle and brand photographer to bring that vision to life through the power of storytelling commercial photography. 

Lights, camera, action!  

Our working relationship began with a Simple challenge:  Elevate the product photography for their catalogue and drive client desire. Using angles, composition and an eye for making even the cables look “sexy”, I breathed a little life into those white background images, while still providing that commercial focus with a sense of reassurance and sturdiness that people want from this kind of equipment. After all, clients aren’t so much renting a generator as paying for the ability to ensure the music, madness and mayhem of their event can take place without any hitches.  

Since that early project, I’ve organically moved to telling their brand story through high-quality lifestyle and headshot imagery.  

Gofer are a team who care about energy efficiency for instance and are constantly adapting their range to include the latest emission-reducing innovations. They’re committed to providing reliable and unshakable equipment and support, no matter how complex an event’s needs may be. They don’t just rent out equipment, they bring engineering expertise to the table, with installation, support and a smile included. When you hire them, you’re hiring a rock-solid guarantee that the music and lights will stay on, no matter what and they needed authentic photography that reflects this angle of reliability. 

I’ve spent many a happy day shooting candid in-the-field (quite literally) shots, premises images, and new equipment laid out and ready to go. I’ve captured the smiles, sustainability and Simply superb feats of engineering they’ve been performing for their ever growing range of clients.  

Now they’re expanding their services by moving into training, and I’ve been on hand to shoot their team doing what they do best – sharing their expert insight and knowledge to client teams. Their training facilities are also available to hire. 

It’s those commercially focused brand images that are helping spread the word about Gofer further and faster than ever and on a personal level, it’s Simply been a pleasure to see their business grow (Gofer Power) and play my part in that success story. 

Are you letting people see how great you are? Brand and product photography is a crucial way to engage and attract clients on social media and beyond. Get in touch, tell me your goals, and I’ll tell you as a commercial photographer what I can do to help you achieve them.  


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