Have Camera, Will Travel: Bringing Simply C to You

Suffolk has a very special place in my heart and has been a fantastic location for countless business photoshoots. From busy offices in Ipswich to boutique retail spaces in Woodbridge, I’ve had the pleasure of working with many dynamic businesses here. However, my love for photography doesn’t stop at the borders of Suffolk. Whether you’re in the diverse landscape of Essex, the vibrant county of Cambridgeshire, or blessed with the stunning coastline of Norfolk as your backdrop, I’m eager to venture out and bring my camera to you – wherever you may be.

I understand that one of the biggest concerns for clients using suppliers from further afield is the potential increase in costs due to travel. Let me put your mind at ease: travelling to your location won’t add a dramatic cost to your shoot. I believe that everyone deserves beautiful, professional photos without worrying about hefty travel fees. I’ve streamlined my travel process to ensure that any additional costs remain minimal and manageable. So, you can rest assured that hiring me won’t break the bank.

Personalised Experience

Travelling to your location means I can provide a personal experience. Every place has its unique charm and every person and business has their own story. Being able to meet you where you are allows me to tailor the shoot to your environment, making the final images even more reflective of your working setting.

Crossing borders…

I Simply love to explore and I’m no stranger to our neighbouring counties. I already know many of their best-kept secrets and hidden gems and I may even be able to recommend stunning locations for your shoot that align with your brand’s vision that you hadn’t even considered. Whether it’s a modern office space to showcase your team, a charming café for a delicious food shoot, or a sophisticated retail outlet with stock and products to die for.

Let me get you out of your office and your comfort zone…..

Flexibility and Convenience

Running a business is demanding, and finding time for a photoshoot can be challenging. By coming to you, I can provide flexibility and convenience, fitting into your schedule and saving you the hassle of commuting. This approach ensures a relaxed and stress-free experience, which always makes for better photos.

Fresh Perspective

Sometimes, a fresh set of eyes can bring a new perspective and fresh insights to your business photography; identifying unique angles and opportunities that you might not have considered. This approach results in innovative and professional images that stand out and effectively communicate your brand’s story.

Quality matters

Whether I’m shooting in Suffolk, Essex, Cambridgeshire, or Norfolk, I bring the same high standards and commitment to quality that my clients have come to expect. You’ll receive professional, beautifully edited photographs that capture your business, your team, your products and services no matter where you are based.

Consistency counts

If your business operates across multiple locations, I am happy to travel between them to create cohesive imagery that showcases your regional presence. By photographing each site with a consistent style, I help create a unified and professional image for your brand. This consistency is key for building a strong and recognisable brand identity.

Ready to Elevate Your Business?

If you’re a business in Essex, Cambridgeshire, Norfolk, or surrounding areas and looking for a photographer who can bring professional, impactful imagery to your doorstep, look no further.

Here is just a selection of the broad range of industry’s and styles I cover – from food, to people, products to services.

Let’s work together to showcase your business, wherever you may be based. Have camera, will travel!

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