How to Get Your Best Results From Your Corporate Headshot

Top Tips for getting the most out of your headshot

Having a Professional Photographer stick a lens in your face solely with the intention of focusing purely on your face isolating you for a formal Corporate Headshot is intimidating, I know.

I enjoy capturing people a great deal and am fascinated with the different reactions I get. Some people have such a fear that you can almost touch it, some are matter of fact about it and some are quite particular about what they want. No photoshoot is ever the same and the majority are fun (yep they really are). But how do you get what YOU want from the image?

Decide how you would like to be portrayed

Firstly ask yourself – what is it you want to achieve? Why are you having a headshot taken and also how do you want to be portrayed/seen?

Having an idea of the image you want to portray is one of the most important things you can bring to the shoot (alongside your face that is)! Whilst one should not judge a book by it’s cover there is the element of professionalism and integrity that we look for when being virtually introduced. A professional headshot can capture that.

Communicate your likes and dislikes

Secondly most of my clients have their own personal issues regarding certain elements of their features. “I don’t like my….” is a very common sentence. Whilst you may not like a particular part of your face no one else may see whatever it is that is so obvious to you… however, if it is important to you then that needs to be conveyed as it may affect the composition and pose.

I found the other day a customer who was most positive and constructive in how to achieve the look she would be happy with. She disliked the lack of symmetry in her cheek bones and had found over the years, by doing selfies, the best angle that she was happy with. She showed me the pose she wanted and with that in mind the photoshoot took very little time.

If you know what works for you, or you’ve seen some images that you feel would work for you in your environment show the photographer. Having as much of a brief as possible helps decrease the time in a photographer just taking images that then get discounted.

It is a bit like going to the hairdressers. You tell the hairdresser the style you’d like, choppy here, wavy there but not too much off the front or it will make your jaw line too soft “you what I mean” etc etc and then despite having done everything you’ve asked for you feel the hairdresser didn’t give you what you wanted perhaps because it didn’t make you look how you felt you wanted it to.

The hairdresser will have listened and tried to put the image together in their mind but it is different to how you’ve seen it look as a finished article in your mind. A hairdresser will always tend to say “do you have a picture of the style you would like?”

It’s not as obvious as you might think

What a photographer may see may not be the same as what you see when you look in a mirror. We are not looking for the “imperfections” as I hear my clients say often. After all those imperfections make you you. Plus you need to remember that the image on a screen or in a brochure or on your website is teeny tiny, no one will actually see the teeny tiny spot (that will be hidden in Photoshop anyway) or the tiny scar on the corner of your eye from where you fell down the stairs as a five year old carrying the biscuit tin up to bed (errr, I think that was me!!)

Convey your personality

I see the person, the personality and I’m reading you, your mannerisms catching and storing in my mind all those quiet elements and cute quirks whilst listening to your brief and simultaneously balancing the light, the key focal points based on the position I’m going to put you in whilst trying to relax you (and me).

Hopefully you won’t recognise that is happening, a photographer will try to make it as painless and as quick as it can be for you.

So go armed to your headshot photoshoot with as much information as you can. It makes it much easier to identify if the result is achievable from the outset (and no, I can’t and won’t dramatically alter your face in Photoshop to make you look like someone else before you ask) and the result you want to achieve will take less time. Most of all remember that the photographer is not looking at you critically. All we want is what you want, for you to be happy with the end result.

Lastly, try not to be scared. Enjoy it, it can be fun if you let it x

A corporate headshot starts from as little as £65 for one.

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