Healthy Snack Images: Product Photography Good Enough to Eat with Good to Go

Lifestyle Product Food photography of the packaging

Your website is your new shopfront and even retailers previously operating from physical premises are realising that they need to move their stock online.

But when so much of a shopping experience is focused around tactile interactions; of customers touching, smelling, maybe even tasting your products, how do you successfully and seamlessly move your operations online? And if you are already selling online how do you position yourself to stand out amongst all the new kids on the block?

With Simply great photography and images of course!

At the end of 2020 I was asked to undertake a food and commercial product shoot for local business ‘Good to go’, an award winning enterprise who recognise that healthy eating, especially natural products, are becoming more popular in the war against obesity but that finding healthy snacks is often a problem. ‘Good to go’ produce a wonderful range of granola, snacks and porridge blends for healthy, great tasting food on the go.

Before the shoot we discussed the images we would be capturing – deciding on the products to be photographed, what they would be used for and where they would be published. This pre-planning is an important part of a SimplyC Photoshoot and ensures that we can make the best use of time available and get all of the images needed for your marketing plans.

During the planning process I recognised the need to produce a combination of both lifestyle and product shots.

The lifestyle images would place the products in context and show them as (quite literally) good enough to eat, much more than just packets of food. For these shots I posed the products with subtle lighting, props and complimentary backgrounds.

Alongside the more styled shots I also produced some ‘white background’ images to be used as product catalogue listings. These more standard product shots show merchandise in a neutral setting – clearly and strongly communicating the product without distraction.

The benefit of using images like these is that shoppers can zoom in and inspect them more closely. This ability to magnify a product has even been shown to increase customer engagement and trust in the seller.

I am so very happy with how the day went. I got to work with another wonderful local business and ‘Good to go’ have a selection of shots that perfectly showcase their delicious products – a simply perfect outcome!

Whilst social distancing measures are in place updating and refining your product images can still be achieved and a great asset to your business. If you would like to know more about how we can build your brand in lockdown simply get in touch!

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