Here’s why you shouldn’t invest in commercial brand photography.

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So you’ve been brainstorming ways to expand your client base, and your marketing person suggested investing in brand photography. Seriously? You’re already paying through the nose for everything else right now, and they want to throw a photographer into the mix?

This is the point where most professional photographers would tell you to stop, think, and listen. You may have read several articles all detailing the same ten points about why brand photography is the way forward already. Yawn. But I’m not most photographers. So instead, I’m Simply going to tell you why you absolutely shouldn’t spend your hard-earned dosh on brand photography.

You’re already so busy that you don’t need to connect with the extra 60% of customers who say they prefer to contact a business whose listing contains an image

Or get the extra 94% of views posts that contain a photo enjoy. Or have your press releases get the sweet 15% boost to online views that goes hand in hand with having relevant photos attached.

You need to spend less time on social media, not more

People already follow your social media business pages, your website is alive and kicking, and your LinkedIn profile is ticking along nicely. Why change things?

So what if studies show that professional photography leads to much higher visitor rates for your web pages? Or data reveals that LinkedIn users with professional headshots enjoy 9 times more connection requests and 21 times more page views? They would say that though, wouldn’t they, these so-called experts?

You have no desire to underline your authority in the industry

Everyone who matters already knows you’re the best in your niche. Why demonstrate that even further with images that tell a powerful story about what you can do? Sure, using these images on your website, socials and marketing materials might attract more interest and potential clients, but so can all those white papers and eBooks you’ve created. It’s not like people prefer their paragraphs to be broken up by images these days, is it? Is it???

That iPhone in your pocket is basically a professional camera these days thank you very much

Is it a smart choice phoning in your brand photography? I’ve actually put this to the test myself, to see what difference it makes. While you’re at it, you could do your own accounts too, and save a nice chunk of cash on your tax return. What could possibly go wrong?

Okay, sarcastic hat off, and serious hat on for a second

You’ve probably already guessed, but I actually think the exact opposite of what the headline says. If you’ve read this far, you probably do too. The important part for me is the word investment. Because when you work with me to create your brand photography, you aren’t Simply hiring my expertise as a photographer, you’re also investing in your brand. And as with any wise investment, you can expect a substantial return. More views. More leads. More sales than your competitors. Those are the results I’ve delivered for other clients, and I’ll deliver them for you too. Let’s talk about it.

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