Sneak peek! New home images of Bloor Homes, Suffolk

Show home photography

When Bloor Homes wanted to give their latest development an advantage in the competitive housing market, I was Simply thrilled to be able to help them bring their Show Home to life.

The brief from Bloor Homes was simple. They wanted to capture home buyer’s hearts and minds, and get those viewings lined up, and they needed great interior photography for their show home which could make that happen.

Moving people with photography

The challenge facing me on this task was that although the show home was brand new and looked lovely, I wanted to capture images that highlighted the property viewers could imagine themselves living in. And, whilst pleasant photos of empty rooms might be fine for giving people an idea of scale and layout, I needed to go a bit deeper than that if I was to bring in those viewings. As it happens, I love these kinds of challenges.

To get the kind of eye catching, jaw dropping interior shots that would stop someone in their tracks, and get them clicking on that ‘book a viewing now’ icon on the website, it was important we used the natural light to showcase the home’s beauty.

I made sure to capture the images during the mid afternoon, with plenty of great natural light flowing through the windows. Some photographers opt for artificial light sources, usually for reasons of convenience, but I strongly believe nothing comes close to natural light for adding life and character to an image.

However, before I captured the show home, I scoped out the property, adjusted how each room was laid out, and identified those little details that would draw people in, and bring character and interest to the images. It’s always little details that make the shot.

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