Interior Photography Tips: Your Guide to Stunning Interior Photos for Social Media

interior photography

I may be known to clients throughout Suffolk for my love of natural light, candid images and dedication to bringing commercial photography to life, but I also have an additional service which will also serve my clients that work in the field of interior design or property.

Before I became a professional commercial photographer I was a Stylist for a well-known London based interior designer. The skills I developed and applied during those years gave me a few secret weapons when it comes to creating great interior photography, images with instant impact.

Cleaning the scene

To get the kind of eye opening, jaw dropping interior photography that stops people in their tracks, and makes them want to visit, buy a property, engage with, or generally know more about what they’re seeing, takes a bit of setting up, which is where my interior designer’s eye comes into play. It’s about removing distracting details from the shot, and simplifying things. It’s harder to do than you think, because many people don’t realise what details to leave in, and what to leave out. People are often blind to the things that an interior designer, fresh to the location, can assess, remove, or highlight and display. Less is often more, and that’s often true with interior photography.

For example, shelving can be brought to life with a few simple, precisely positioned plant pots. Or a bed can be made to look opulent, spacious and irresistible with the right placement of pillows and bedsheets. This can often be subtle, yet the effect on the resulting photograph is profound.

It’s always about highlighting the best features of the interior and preparing the ground for the actual photography.

Set the scene, take the shot

With a stylists eye I can identify the best way to present and capture the best of either a property or of a styled interior for an interior designer. My USP is harnessing and only using natural light to capture the true colours of a fabric or paint, also for capturing the atmosphere or “story” within an property , showing it at its best, but I’m not afraid to add artificial light into the mix to add to the atmosphere when required. That depends on the nature of the brief, of course and the feel and commercial message a client is looking for.

Achieving a commercial goal 
At the end of the day, commercial photography, be it for a business, interior, architectural or product based, is about delivering images that have a specific goal for the client. That could be attracting customers in off the street, increasing web traffic, or drawing interest to a new product or service. With my background and knowledge as an interior stylist and commercial photographer my clients can be reassured that I can add value to getting the right result for them

Would you like to discuss interior photography or how I can help style and present your property? Contact me here or call me on 07775 851827 for more info.

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