Christmas Product Photography: How To Get Ahead This Festive Season

White background photography

Think it’s too early to start preparing for Christmas? Well, from a marketing point of view, it’s almost too late… especially if you’re thinking about giving your product photography the Christmas makeover it needs to stand out during the busiest season of the year. However, don’t panic because here I discuss how I can help you get ready for that Christmas rush…

You don’t need me to tell you that Christmas is the biggest time of year for most businesses. It’s a time when website traffic increases, and sales spike. And whilst many businesses will focus on the post-Christmas sales push, there’s the whole run up to Christmas to consider too.

So how do you stand out from your competitors and get your share of the sales during this busy time? Well, Christmas-themed commercial photography is the perfect way to get noticed and drive those Christmas shoppers towards your business.

Gearing up for the Christmas push

Whether you’re like my local supermarket and have a Christmas aisle from September onwards, or you’re happy to start your serious Christmas marketing campaign in mid-November, you need to have those products looking their Christmassy best.

For my clients, this means dreaming of a white Christmas, though in this case, that’s the white background which I use as a backdrop for capturing their product photography.

Using a white background is the perfect way to capture your products and services. It means having control of the environment, which presents more creative choice on how the images turn out.

Once we’ve sat down and discussed the commercial goals you’re looking to achieve through your images, and in particular what kind of feelings you want people to have when they see your product photography, I can then make creative choices. These include what kind of lighting to use, how to dress and decorate the background for your products, and what kinds of filters I might use.

Besides, white background photography also takes the vagaries of the local weather out of the picture (literally) compared to my more candid lifestyle shoots.

It also means that no matter when you commission me to capture your Christmas product photography, even if it’s the height of summer, I can still create that snug, warm, family around the fireplace look you want your products to have for your Christmas marketing.

The gift that keeps on giving

Unlike a box of Quality Street, you can be sure your Christmas photography will still be there for you next year. In fact, investing in a suite of Christmas product photography now could set you up for the next few years, and will give you plenty of punch when it comes to marketing your products on your website and social media during the run up to Christmas.

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