Guilty Pleasures at Work: My ‘Photography ‘Loves’ at Simply C

Whenever I am asked about my favourite photoshoot, my default response is always to talk about the one I have most recently completed. After all the planning and preparation, the adrenalin from my most recent job will still be running through my veins. So despite all the Simply fabulous shoots I have been a part of over the years, my most recent photoshoot will always be at the forefront of my mind.

The reality is that when I think about all the wonderful projects, I have had the pleasure of, there are elements of all of them that I have thoroughly enjoyed and certain aspects that remain with me. A huge melting pot of job satisfaction!

I love meeting all of the wonderful people I have the pleasure of working with and taking their headshots, especially when I already have a relationship with those clients, because it is more like spending time with friends than working.

I also love thinking up new and interesting ways of photographing products and really making them leap off the page; and food… I adore photographing food! Capturing the flavours in a photograph is Simply wonderful!

For anyone who knows how much of a ‘people person’ I am, and my love of the romance and softness of natural light, it may come as something of a revelation; but I Simply adore the power and strength of strong lines! If I had the chance to choose my dream project, it would be one that combines my love of architecture and buildings (with maybe a touch of engineering).

I am always excited by lines, especially those buried in the architecture of buildings. I love how you can see the strength in a structure created by combining materials like steel and concrete, the visible calculations that a cross-section of ironwork here, will support the weight of the concrete posts there; or that a wall of glass can be strong enough to support the roof above it. All those contradictions, the mixing of materials, the purposefulness of the components – revealing absolute beauty and strength.

Architectural photography has always been a real favourite of mine, and maybe because its not on my agenda every day, it is always a real treat to indulge this passion of mine.

I also have a bit of a soft spot for interiors, a love that I fully indulged in my early career days as an interiors stylist. A well thought out interior is a beauty to behold, when different colours are encouraged to work well together, the use of textiles, soft furnishings complimenting harder, utility surfaces – I Simply love it!

The other industry that I find fascinating and so rewarding to photograph, is engineering. Capturing the creation of a new object, especially when there is the drama of fire involved, is so exciting and inspiring. There is a real feeling of power, growth and change on engineering shoots.

I think that capturing architecture and engineering is something that challenges me and really tests my skills as a photographer. Finding the beauty or aesthetic pleasures in these subjects can really test my levels of interpretation, and my photographer’s eye. These shoots really are my guilty pleasures!

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