Natural light is the secret weapon when it comes to commercial photography

daylight savings

Some people might grumble that they lose an hour of their weekend when the clocks go back, but not me. I’m a big fan of daylight savings, and I’ll tell you why: All that extra natural light we get over the next few months is an absolute gift for a commercial photographer like myself. The more sunlight I have to play with, the better the opportunity to find the perfect light to convey the mood and message my clients want from their photography.

The power of light

Of course, finding the right natural light isn’t always the easiest option. You’ll often see me wandering around at dusk or dawn, scouting out a location, searching for that perfect harsh, soft, warm or cool light that will give my client’s photography the right feel.

Many professionals use equipment such as fluorescent bulbs, flashes and umbrellas to help create decent lighting conditions for a shot. Don’t get me wrong, those things have their places, such as for white background product photography of the style used for Amazon and Etsy ecommerce images. However, when you’re seeking something much more ‘lifestyle’ to bring your products to life, and drive desire, natural light is your secret weapon.

And believe me, when you find the right light, and capture that magical shot, it really elevates the quality of your commercial photography in ways that artificial lighting can never touch.

Why I believe natural light is superior to artificial

I understand why many people choose to use artificial lighting, after all, it gives people control over their environment and helps ensure competent photographs are taken. However, I find artificial light can often have a detrimental effect on the mood of an image, and even damage the authenticity of a subject. That isn’t the message you want your commercial photography to present, surely? And when it comes to headshots, it can be hard to look relaxed, natural and candid when there’s a huge, intimidating light shining on your face.

Some may ask if my quest to find the perfect artificial light is worth it, but I believe my range of positive testimonials from clients tells me that it makes a huge difference. After all, if you’re ambitious enough to want to use commercial photography to elevate your website imagery, wouldn’t you want it done with the maximum of power and potential? And the only real way to do that is with natural light, and right now, there’s plenty of it around.

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