New year, new headshot, new you

January can be a dull month. Which is why it’s Simply vital to offset those dark nights with bright plans for the future. Why worry about your post-Christmas waistline, when you could focus on expanding your brand, reputation and public profile instead? And as it happens, the quickest, easiest and least costly way to do that is with a fresh new headshot. January headshots!

I’ve had headshots on my mind recently. That’s mainly thanks to my client, window and doors specialists The Burgess Group, and the happy few hours I spent capturing their lovely and charming team for their January headshots.

Their business is based around a welcoming and cosy showroom in the beautiful Notcutts Garden Centre over in Woodbridge. Most of their sales currently come from good old in-person visitors.

Of course, we live in the online world, and The Burgess Group are currently looking to grow their digital sales. Which is where their new range of headshots really packs a punch. As you can see from the examples, the team are glowing, relaxed and open, posing next to the workshop and showroom that is the heart of what they do. These candid lifestyle headshots really capture the feel of the moment when someone walks into the showroom, and receive a friendly greeting.

With these images, The Burgess Group now have the power to make a great ‘first impression’ online. Something that is Simply indispensable when it comes to generating online sales.

Where will your headshot take you next?

Talk of recession has a tendency to send people scrambling for their LinkedIn profile login details, so they can vigorously connect with old friends and colleagues, and start reaching out those feelers should they suddenly need to pursue new employment opportunities.

If you aren’t a LinkedIn junky (high five fellow freelancers!), the idea of updating your profile can be daunting. But worry not, because this is Simply the perfect moment to freshen things up, and tweak your personal brand to reflect who you are right now with some January headshots…  your headshot is absolutely ground zero for revamping your profile.

Why is that you ask? Well, according to LinkedIn’s own statistics, a profile with a professional headshot will get on average 21 times more views than a profile without a photo. Compare that to the 14 times more views a profile featuring a non-professional photo would get, and you really start to see the difference a pro makes when it comes to your photography.

Think about all those extra clients, contacts and potential job offers you’d get by Simply investing in a professional headshot. In fact, you’d soon earn out the cost of your headshot with all the extra work you’ll have coming in. Surely that’s a Simply irresistible argument for booking your new headshot today?

Making a poor first impression online is the last thing you want. Start things off the right way in 2023 with your awesome new lifestyle headshot. Let’s get you booked in.


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