Paws for thought

I have a great deal of love for animals. In fact, many of my clients know me as the photographer with the pug – because I often bring Biscuit, my faithful companion, “the head of Bark-eting at Simply C Photography” to my photo shoots.

So, when I talk about the importance of your team members, I don’t just mean the two-legged variety. The office dog, cat, and even giraffes (I’m not even joking), all have a part to play in the dynamic of a business and I Simply love to include them in commercial images as much as any human; after all the members of your team are one of the key components to your success – the faces behind your brand, the cogs in the machine, the hamster in your wheel.

Since lockdown ended many people have faced the dilemma of what to do with their pets – the lucky ones have been able to take them into the office as a welcome addition to the corporate team. And as a Bonio-fide dog lover, I think this is a wonderful idea!

There are some fantastic benefits to welcoming our four-legged friends into the workforce.

1. Stress relief – doggies are great for lifting a person’s mood and numerous reports have shown what great stress relievers they can be. A dog in the workplace means that everyone can benefit from the distraction when anxiety levels rise.
2. An excuse to leave your desk – we all know it’s not a good thing to sit at your desk all day. Having an office dog is the perfect excuse to get out for a walk and some fresh air.
3. Bonding. Having a dog (or dogs) in the office can really help your team bond, and they can be great companions for each other. And those walks I mentioned, you can join up and get out there together.

I have met some wonderful workplace additions on assignments recently, and that’s without the shoots where you would expect to find animals such as veterinary practices and even a zoo! One of my clients even included his dog in his headshots because they are so much a part of who they are.

If you have a four-legged office companion who Simply must be included in your commercial branding images, then let’s talk. We can make sure that your shoot factors in their involvement and makes for some truly memorable images with a key member of your team.

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