Perfectly Polished Dental Photography for the Dental Industry

A male dentist talking to his female patient

Today’s dental practices are often more than ‘just’ dental care with many offering additional cosmetic services too. They are multi-faceted businesses, and like all businesses, they have endured a particularly difficult 19 months; Innovating and adjusting to the worldwide pandemic, reassuring patients, and safeguarding them from exposure to the virus, all the while quickly adjusting marketing strategies with bespoke dental photography to communicate clear and current messages to their clientele.

As we carefully and cautiously work towards a return to ‘normal’, it is critical that dental practices find the right methods to market themselves; potentially ‘upping’ their marketing game as patients no longer simply head for their nearest surgery.

Patients want to know that they will be getting value for money in a safe and hygienic environment.

Whilst many practices know that they should be marketing it’s far more difficult, however, to know exactly how to do that. And it might not surprise you to hear that my advice would be to invest in hiring a professional photographer to give you bespoke dental photography. I’ll explain why…

Nothing can compare to having personalised shots of the practice and team when it comes to your website and literature.  In my experience, patients prefer to see “real” images rather than stock versions.

And we know, you know.  We can spot a stock image a mile off because most of us will have visited a dental practice at least twice a year for however many years.  The same images are seen repeatedly. And inauthentic work could potentially fuel distrust in the mind of the patient – not a great scenario in a business that needs patient trust as its very foundations.

Your patients want real images.  They want to see YOU.

Collage of photographs showing people at the dentists

A visually appealing website with bespoke dental photography is the key to making the right first impression. Why?  Because patients make choices as consumers for their dental care. And visual marketing plays a vital role in a practice’s ability to attract new patients. High quality photography is often what sets the rest of your dental marketing apart.

Of course, there is a time and place for stock photography, but if your website is full of sleek images of happy, smiling, beautiful models, you risk missing out on an important opportunity to connect with potential patients. And one of the greatest benefits of custom dental photography is that it offers the opportunity to show clients something they have never seen before – the USP of your business.

I have helped a number of dental practices represent themselves through custom dental photography including it has always made their marketing stronger.  As you can see from the gallery of images, my aim is to create an element of trust.  I want potential clients to look at the whole face, and to see the warmth and approachable nature of the people who will care for them.

The right photo can be a huge boost.   It’s a great way to show your patients that you are a confident, happy, and inclusive team

Thanks to my wonderful clients I have honed my skills as a professional healthcare marketing photographer.  My objective to create engaging and eye-catching content, which will bring more patients to your practice.  And it’s an approach that works.

I Simply love working with clients, understanding their vision and brand identity and portraying a strong consistent image to their existing and potential clients.

Can I help you too?

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