Commercial Photography Marketing: A How-To in a Pandemic

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Pre-pandemic a survey from packaging experts WePack found that more than half (52.5%) of U.K. residents prefer online shopping; with 28% of those questioned, claiming their preference was down to convenience, while 12% like to shop from home and 10% prefer it because they can avoid the crowds.

It is clear, now more than ever, that the popularity and necessity of online shopping, is here to stay!

So how can you make sure that your business is meeting the needs of all your potential customers? You need to ensure that your website or catalogue images are Simply the best, so they can attract new or potential customers towards your brand.

Product centred photographs aren’t just limited to shopping for products – they can also be a great way to showcase your food or menu offerings too.

One of the added bonuses about product photography is that a photoshoot can be socially distanced! I can schedule a telephone or zoom briefing in advance and then collect a selection of your stock to undertake the shoot in my own studio.

Here are just some of the techniques I will use to make sure that your next product focused photoshoot will make your stock look good enough to buy…


Most product shoots are done in one of two ways, or sometimes a combination of shots depending on the intention for their final use. This is why I always have a planning call with a client to discuss all elements of the shoot including where the images will be used afterwards.

These two types are product only images (usually with one item in each shot) taken against a white background to really emphasise the subject. The other option is to create a lifestyle image with a few carefully placed props or a well-chosen setting to demonstrate products in use.

Some businesses use a combination of these shots. Furniture and homeware websites like Ikea and John Lewis are a great example of this as they show product images on white backgrounds but also photographs of the products in situ. This really helps customers imagine how furniture and accessories look in a realistic setting.


There is no denying my love for (or preference to) natural light but sometimes a little bit of help is needed! If your product is being sold on your own e-commerce site or though partner sites like Amazon or Google Shopping; or if it features small details (like jewellery), then artificial product photography lighting is needed. Again, it may be relevant to use a combination, with brightly lit product shots removing shadows and then natural light images to give the photos depth – great in lifestyle shots!


When producing images for a brochure or an online catalogue consistency is key. I tend to use a white background or static shots, incorporating a tripod to make sure that products are shot from the same angle or height each time. This allows for standardised images and is perfect for product specific shots where customers may want to zoom in on an item.

Keeping your product photographs relevant, fresh and up-to-date is never a bad idea and I would Simply love the opportunity to talk you through the techniques and methods I would use to boost your online sales.

Simply call me on my mobile 07775 851827! Lets talk!

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