What Professional Product Photography Styles Are Best?

Bamboo Flask Lifestyle Product Image

If products come in all shapes and sizes, so should professional product photography…

When it comes to showcasing your wares, creativity is key.

Regardless of whether your business is in fashion, beauty or technology, professional product photography that reflects your brand, as well as the intended use of your product/s, can do wonders for your bottom line.

That’s why it’s so important to think about the bigger picture when arranging a photo shoot for your products, rather than viewing it as a routine ‘must do’ when updating your websites or producing a brochure or and catalogue for your business.

Online/E-commerce Photography

When most people think of professional product photography, they may conjure up images of items centred in the middle of a white or styled plain background. Possibly taken from a few different angles and possibly a couple of close-ups thrown into the mix.

This is just one way to showcase a product however, and is most likely to be found on an e-commerce website or product catalogue, both of which rely on simple, consistent imagery that clearly displays product features and functions.

Product photography, motorbike jacket

Producing high quality images of this nature is essential when it comes to converting sales. This is true whether you are selling a diamond ring, item of clothing or piece of agricultural machinery!

There is a reason why online selling sites such as Amazon or Ebay display a range of images for each product – with high quality photos also providing an option for viewers to ‘zoom in’ on their selected picture for a close up view without losing any clarity.

Professional Product Photography for Printed Literature

Whilst the World Wide Web may appear to have taken over of late, it’s still the case that brochures, magazines and printed literature all have their place in modern marketing.

In fact, with many of the clients I work with, we have found that discerning buyers still love the feeling of something tangible they can flick through.

This is great news for people like me as it means I can still create fantastic images that really come into their own when coupled with beautifully designed, high quality stock literature like the below:

V&A Brochure Product Photography

Blue and white product brochures photography

With this type of format, there are certain considerations that need to be made in terms of image quality and resolution. A professional commercial photographer will understand this and produce your images accordingly, ensuring that your products are displayed in the best possible way.

Lifestyle-led Product Photography

Taking photos of your products isn’t just about showing off their features or letting potential customers know what they look like.

The purpose of much product photography is to ‘bring them to life’ in front of the eyes of your intended market, and allow them to picture them in-use, whatever that may entail for example see the Bamboo flask in the images below. A set of white background images were taken for E-Commerce on line selling with a white background but we also took some lifestyle images showing the product “in use”, telling a story.

This style of photography is perfect for setting the scene and you will be familiar with it through formats including magazines and outdoor advertising. It allows viewers (your potential customers!) to imagine themselves living out their desired lifestyles wearing your clothing products, using your coffee maker or relaxing in your furniture for example.Bamboo flask being held Commercial Product lifestyle Photography

TV advertisers have understood this concept of storytelling for decades (think of every coffee advert you have ever seen – “Nicole..? Papa!”), and now professional photographer like myself can use this knowledge of how the human mind works to help you sell your products.

There is so much more to product photography than meets the eye, and it’s an area where you can get as creative as you like – so long as your ideas match your goals for your business and will help to differentiate your brand in the right way.

I am always happy to talk through any ideas you may have and to share my first-hand experiences of this type of photography with you before quoting for any work. Simply give me a call and we’ll take it from there!

To view more samples of recent product-based photography, take a look at my product gallery here:

Contact me on 07775 851827 for high quality, creative product photography that will help tell the unique story of your company and all it offers.

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