Let your product images do the selling for you...

Product photography is your most important tool for creating a tempting virtual window display.

Many businesses now rely on their website as a primary shopfront to drive business and increase sales.

High quality, white background photography is just one of many ways to way to showcase and sell a product especially online on an e-commerce website or product catalogue. Taking a ‘lifestyle’ approach to product photography is a great way for potential customers to see your products brought to life, evoking an emotional ‘Buy it now’ response.

When it comes to showcasing your wares, creativity is key and investing in professional product photography that reflects your brand and defines the intended use of your product/s, can do wonders for your bottom line.

Choosing the right methods to promote your products can make the difference between a sale and a missed opportunity, and I know how to create images that convert.

I love to use candid lifestyle shots, natural light, and draw upon my background in styling to elevate your product photography.

As a professional product photographer my goal is to create the kind of photography that inspires people to visualise your products in their own lives, whether you are in the hospitality business and want to increase bookings with mouth-watering food photography, or engaging images for online e-commerce selling, I can help you show your products in all their glory.

So, if you want to create a scroll-stopping display of images that turns heads, drives desire, and ultimately increases sales, then let’s Simply talk about what my professional product photography can achieve for you.

Product Photographer FAQs

What is product photography?

Product photography creates a tempting, virtual window display for many businesses who rely on their website as a primary shopfront to drive business and increase sales. Many businesses need images that can also sell their products using printed literature and brochures or via third party e-commerce sites such as Amazon. This means that product images need to work hard.

During a product photography shoot, a client will choose between white background images or lifestyle images (to show the product being used) and sometimes mix both styles into their marketing to help them sell their product.

The final outcome should be for a comprehensive library of images that will bring products to life and ensure potential customers can envisage using them in their own lives.

What is lifestyle product photography?

Lifestyle product photography shows your images in action! These types of shoots work brilliantly for clothes retailers who can show models wearing their items or going about their daily activities. The Ikea catalogue is a great example of lifestyle product photography - images that show complete room sets and the practical uses for numerous products in one shot. Simply put, Lifestyle photography provides an emotional connection with your customers, while functional white background product photography tells them what it is.

What are the different types of product photography?

Product photography isn’t a ‘one size fits all’ solution because no two businesses are completely the same and the way that you choose to sell your wares needs to work for you.
Individual shots – these are the most common types of product photos containing just one object in the frame.
Group shots – these show more than one product together, often used for collections and product kits.
Lifestyle shots – Lifestyle shots bring another dimension to your images by showing them in use and giving your audience an idea of their functionality – particularly used when selling clothes.
Scale shots – as the title suggests these show items with other everyday items to give a sense of scale and proportion.
Detailed or Close Up shots – especially good for products with detail or jewellery. These can highlight specific product features.
Packaging – If your packaging is beautiful or they display some important information you can include these in your photoshoot.

Why are product images important?

In September 2021, the value of internet sales as a percentage of total retail sales in the UK amounted to 28.1% - nearly a third of all retail activity. This means that your product images need to work hard to draw people in and encourage them to buy from you.
Without clear, concise images that portray your products in the best light and show them off in all their glory, you simply won’t get noticed by the buyers who matter most. Many businesses now rely on their website as a primary shopfront to drive business and increase sales.

What does a product photographer do?

A good product photographer will work with the client to understand the brief and all the products that you want to capture – allowing for shots of collections, individual items and groups of items. A commercial photographer will help you to decide how best to present your items (see ‘different types of product photography’) and whether to include details such as packaging or ingredients labels too.

How much does product photography cost?

There are many variables in orchestrating a product photograph shoot – the time needed, the style (white background, lifestyle etc) the number of shots to be taken of each product. This is why a product photoshoot with Simply C Photography is always priced on an individual basis after a conversation to discover what is needed and where the images will be used.

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