Aerial Catamaran Photography: Travel in the Dominican Republic

Photographing a tourist catamaran

Simply C Photography took a lovely two week holiday in February in the Dominican Republic to help recover from the dreaded flu that had had me incapacitated for two weeks.

During the holiday I got talking to people and through word of mouth I received a commission to photograph a catamaran for a local business that take tourists out for a tour of the coastline and scuba diving. They wanted aerial photographic images so a Cessna was commissioned and up we went.

The brief was to capture the spirit and enjoyment of the ride but to also try and capture a feeling of  relaxation and fun. The Cessna flew over a few times and based on the back seat I had to throw myself from one side to another trying to capture the light in the sails, reflection off the wake (to demonstrate speed) and being high up in the sky also needed to try and highlight the people on the boat portraying it’s size and number of guests on board at any one time.

Shooting with a telephoto at the best of times takes practice to keep still, holding your breath helps minimise shake but when you’re banking at an angle, shooting through a window in a confined space you really don’t want turbulence to have to contend with. So with responsive professional photography at the forefront of my mind I went for it and tried to ignore the continuous bashing on my nose as the lens jerking in the turbulence, hit the seat in front.

A bit of freehand creative licensing went into the image during the editing process but I felt it made the image very fresh, exciting and captured the spirit of the trip. Did I capture the brief? What do you think?

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