Professional Property Photography: How Photos Can Sell a Home

Property Photography

These days, when you move house, or sell up your premises, you’ve probably noticed that some estate agents arrive with what appears to be a snazzy camera or their Iphone to snap a few choice photos to post them online. It’s a start to the process, but often, as the weeks roll on, things can become… sluggish. Your beautiful property, with its perfect location, good price, and amazing character doesn’t get the viewings it deserves. Can people not see how great your house is? Maybe not, and here’s perhaps why those snaps are not telling the right story.

Decent equipment doesn’t come with a professional eye

It’s true that you can get a decent amateur camera for a few hundred pounds these days, what with advances in technology, but decent equipment alone doesn’t cut it. Sure, a wide angled lens and good positioning can truly capture the full size of your bathroom where an iphone or amateur can cut off big portions of the room, reducing it’s size, but that’s not the same as capturing your property in a way that encourages desire.

Whether you’re struggling to sell a property and finding interest slow, or planning to sell in the near future, the decision to invest in high quality professional property photography  could make the difference between accepting a low offer and finding yourself in a bidding war that gets maximum profit from your sale.

Property Photography

What a professional photographer does for your property sale

Takes the time to get it right. As a professional, I do the groundwork before I take my images. I look at where the light falls, for instance, and assess the best time of day to capture the best images. I use quality equipment and lenses that truly capture the size and give high quality professional looking results that show off a property at it’s best. Knowledge of knowing what position will enhance the impact of a room and create a photograph with impact.

Reduces distractions. A dog bowl, overburdened shoe rack or even a bin by the back door are the kind of details that can sabotage the impact of your property photography. A professional photographers eye will eliminate these distractions and elevate the important features to the forefront of a photograph.

Property Photography

Create desire with creative flair. Commercially minded property photography isn’t just about capturing accurate shots of a room, nor is it simply a matter of taking wide-angled images of every room. After all, most properties being sold online usually have a floor plan available. I aim to capture the story and spirit of your house. I’m talking about bringing the selling points of your house to life, and using them to trigger desire. For instance, the way a banister curves around into your front room can make a great image. Or the way the natural light spills down from your kitchen roof windows onto the counters captures people’s imagination, shows the warmth of your home and makes them want to see a property for themselves.  These details bring out the life, and beauty, of your property, and that’s what generates viewings.

Want to increase interest for the sale of your house or business premises? Investing in commercial photography for a private house sale or commercial property is the best first step to putting yourself in a stronger position as a seller, and reaching as many potential buyers as possible.

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