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Commercial Product Fashion Photography Suffolk

Most businesses’ products and services change and evolve over time, which means it’s important for every company owner to periodically look over their current product photography to see whether it’s still relevant. But what if the very nature of your product range means your stock changes regularly? How do you ensure the photography you use on your marketing materials reflects where you are now? If you sell jewellery, or clothes, for example, where styles change with the seasons, you need regular updates to your product or lifestyle photography, otherwise, you may find yourself falling out of fashion.

Thankfully, that’s where I come into the picture, as I regularly do for one of my lovely fashion clients.

My client: Cake & Catwalk

Lynn who owns and runs the Boutique has a great eye for the latest designer-led clothing, jewellery, scarves and bags. She scouts out great bits and pieces by designers and offers up these fabulous fashion finds for a reasonable price.

The issue

Buying in such stock on a regular basis is great, but the various accessories can look flat and lifeless sat in a storage room box. And with time ticking until they’re no longer the hot new items on the market, the Cake & Catwalk team need strong commercial images they can use to catch people’s eye as they go online, see in their social media channels, or when passing the Boutique.

The Simply C solution

Every few months I visit Cake & Catwalk and capture a small series of fresh lifestyle images of the latest stock for their ever-growing portfolio of offerings. As the new season’s haul comes in, I’m already there, finding ways to bring their product photography to life. That means they’ve got plenty of ‘hot off the press’ images to use as soon as their stock is there to be sold. They can quickly get their marketing channels filled with enticing lifestyle imagery.

The commercial goal is simple, and that’s to create interest. It’s about bringing people into the shop, whether they’ve seen something they like online, in the latest local Suffolk magazine that I have photographed, or are literally passing by and are taken by the photography on display in the window. Browsers become buyers, and that’s the power of commercial photography.

Regular commercial photography for you

Whether you sell fashion items, electronic goods or custom-made movie posters, if the nature of your businesses means the stock you sell regularly changes, then that means your photography will date quickly. Why risk giving the impression that you’re out of touch with the latest trends and developments in your industry when you could be investing in regular commercial photography? As a Suffolk based commercial and lifestyle photographer I can help you create the buzz for your latest wares and ensure everyone knows that you’re right up-to-date. And that’s a great way to stay ahead of the competition.

Do you need regular images of your new products? Call Cherry on 07775 851827 or email us to find out more.

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