Sewing Scrubs for the NHS: Non-Profit Photography

Turning isolation into appreciation, one good deed at a time… This week I’ve been celebrating a group of volunteers who have been sewing scrubs for Ipswich Hospital. The group is co-ordinated by a lady I know locally – called Clair Croomb – and they have done Simply amazing things.

A recent update, from group member Stephanie Dean, confirmed that: “We now have 166 Machinists in our database, we have so far managed to provide 143 of these with material and/or patterns to get them sewing. To date we have purchased 2000m of fabric, 8400m of thread and have 171 completed sets of scrubs either delivered to, or on their way to, Ipswich Hospital.”

This group was so successful that Ipswich Hospital has let them know they have what they need. Simply wow!


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