Fine Art Photography

Over the years I have found that increasingly people are losing the art of communication with hungry eyes focused on social media. No longer looking up or communicating freely, too busy looking downwards engaging alone on phones and tablets. We are losing the precious art of communication and engagement with others.

This led me to wonder if, as a professional photographer, I could create more engagement and connection between people the old-fashioned way i.e., talking using my photography as fine art.

What if I created visually arresting landscape images as wall art that helped instigate dialogue at home and the office environment such as reception areas, staff rooms or meeting rooms?

Nature and being outdoors has many healing powers, but it's not always possible to access them with busy lives, that's why I believe that bringing the outside beauty of the natural landscape inside and harnessing it can have a transformative impact, encouraging mindfulness and supporting wellbeing at home and in the workplace.

I have created for this purpose a Fine Art collection, called Simply Connecting.

It features twelve unique images, each printed on acrylic in a large-scale format. These images are not your standard mass-produced small A4 wall hangings in frames, I felt an impact needs a strong story, so I’ve gone BIG. However, they can be purchased here online printed on high quality giclee printing in either an A3 or A4 mounted format.

I am hosting an exhibition of these pieces during the month of June 2023 starting Monday the 5th at Illuminate Studios in Brightwell Barns Ipswich with one large piece, measuring 6ft x 4ft, suspended to give you an idea of the impact it has. You are also welcome to view the whole collection and perhaps chose an image to be printed at a size to suit you. The bigger the better!

I look forward to seeing you and Simply connecting. Cherry


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