Simply spelling out why you need professional photography

man standing in front of reception with Baxter name in blue behind for commercial branding photography headshot

If there’s one thing that rings true for all business owners, leaders and entrepreneurs, it’s the feeling of wary optimism that comes with a New Year. And please note, I chose my words very carefully! Because as much as we would all like to hit the ground running with fresh enthusiasm in a new year, I know that for many (especially after the last few years) any return to work is likely to be accompanied by the acknowledgment that some events are out of our control.

This is why I strongly advocate taking charge of the things that you can and making them work for you as hard as they can. In particular, your business image and brand. So here are my SIMPLY C thoughts about using professional, commercial branding photography to enhance and develop your business personality over the coming months….

Stop using the same old tired pictures! Fashions change, hairstyles change, staff change. And hopefully your business has also grown and developed. If customers are visiting your website to be met by the same images month on month then it’s time for an update. And what better time than a new year to invest in professional photography?

Investing in professional photography and refreshing your photography doesn’t have to be expensive. In fact, just a few, well-thought-out, images that can be used multiple times for maximum effect can be worth more than hundreds of shots that you will probably never use. This is why I also incorporate a pre-shoot planning session. That way we are all focused on the photographs we need to build your brand and introduce your business. No time is wasted and every photoshoot is a success!

Mix it up! Do you spend all day sitting at your desk? Are there lots of processes involved in the production of your product? Do you have a team of people working in various locations? Your images should be a true representation of the people and inner workings of your business and I Simply love to bring this to the forefront in my photoshoots.

Professional photography is more than just hiring someone with a nice camera. As tempting as it may be to try and take some selfies or let the office amateur loose I come with the experience, knowledge and editing skills that are guaranteed to save you time, money, and stress – and leave you with high-quality, useable images that meet your brief. First time.

Look up! Or ‘outside of the box’, in fact, look anywhere and everywhere that gives you a new perspective. Just because you need headshots this doesn’t mean you need a set of repetitive, boring images. Think your product is boring? Think again! From the right angle, everything can be interesting!

You and your team are the personalities behind the business, and professional photographs show customers who they will be dealing with. This is so very important for customer-facing enterprises like restaurants and hotels. Will your guests be met by smiling, welcoming staff? Show them in advance who they will be dealing with!

C can only mean one thing at Simply C – candid! My specialty, and Simply the best way to capture subjects. Relaxed, unposed headshots and photographs of people doing what they do best. So, if the thought of a professional photoshoot has been filling you with dread, don’t panic! As much as possible I will leave you to go about your day, you might not even know I’m there!

I am here to guide you towards the right look and feel for you, maximising your brand image and showing customers old and new why they should be buying from you – so use my commercial branding photography experience to your advantage and get in touch to discuss your photography needs for 2023 and beyond.

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