Commercial Food Photographer in Suffolk - Bring your food to life with photography that makes mouths water

What is Commercial Food Photography? - Commercial Food Photography is the photographing of food images specifically with the intention of using them for business and commercial purposes. However, commercial food photography isn’t restricted to photographs of the food itself, a good photoshoot will produce images that tell the story behind your menu and your establishment.

Food photography images aren’t only captured in restaurants. - Cafes and fine dining establishments, gastro pubs and coffee-shops, even chefs and food writers. All can benefit from high quality images that bring their food to life.

Why Choose Simply C as your Commercial Food Photographer? - Food photography is its own art form, one that takes skill and practice and expertise. As a professional Commercial Photographer, I have years of experience in capturing beautiful images for my clients. I understand how positioning food and props can create aesthetically pleasing compositions that show your food in exactly the right light.

High-Quality Food Photography - One of the most natural human instincts is to forage and satiate our appetites. In the absence of hunter-gathering pursuits, we have developed what scientists call a ‘visual hunger’, a way of fulfilling this need using images that tickle the taste buds and make mouths water.

As a professional food photographer, it is this visual hunger that I aim to feed, capturing images that showcase your menus, bring guests to your restaurant and ensure your website is busy with orders. I make diners hungry by capturing images of your food (and beverages) that look delicious and taste even better.

High-quality food photography isn’t just an Instagram snap. It is a well-planned, purposeful image that portrays your menu in the most desirable way possible. Each shot will represent your venue and your food ethos for maximum impact, even as a stand-alone image.

Simply C Food Photography Services - I offer a complete food photography service and at our introductory meeting we can decide whether you require images against the backdrop of your venue, candid shots of diners enjoying their meals at your restaurant or ‘plated’ set ups against a white background to focus solely on the food.

Whether they are taken in full colour or black and white my goal is to capture images that are good enough to eat and that encapsulate the quality of food you provide and very essence of your brand.

Food Styling Services - As much thought and planning goes into a food photoshoot as I commit to any other. This means that nothing is left to chance. In the planning stages we will discuss how best to present your food, what props, if any, can be used to add to your images and other layouts such as using photographing multiple plates, cutlery, dressed tables, candid shots etc.

eCommerce Food Photography - Ever wonder why some online food products look so delicious? That's because they're professionally photographed! And when you're selling online your images need to be good enough to eat.

Selling food on e-commerce and food production sites your images need to clearly convey to your customer base what they will be buying from you and why they should be spending their hard-earned money with you and no one else.

Photography for Food Delivery Apps - UberEats, Deliveroo, JustEat – in the last few years these have become household names and their service isn’t limited to fast-food orders, even restaurants have started to use these apps to give even more people access to their food.

Whether you're a restaurant working on your food delivery strategy, or an app developer seeking quality food images to use with your technology, I can help make your food delivery apps stand out from the crowd with professional food photography.

Restaurant Food Photography - Sometimes the setting for a food photoshoot can be just as appetising as the food itself and incorporating elements of the location can add an extra dimension to the resulting images. A professional food photoshoot can incorporate architectural and design elements that really give diners a preview of the setting where they can enjoy your dishes.

Catering Photography - Providing outside catering services involves so much more than just preparing food! You need to show people that the quality of your dishes isn’t compromised just because you are working from a mobile kitchen or micromanaging your advanced food prep. Just because you don’t have a fixed premises from which to sell your food it doesn’t mean you should compromise on your commercial food photography images either. If anything, these should work harder than ever.

With onsite catering services you also need to emphasise the quality of the staff who will be on hand to make the food service at an event run like clockwork, are you providing linens? Crockery? Maybe your mobile kitchen itself is a site to behold? Whether we can work together on location or plan a personalised photoshoot, Simply C Photography can produce creative, yet commercially focused images that tell the story behind your catering services.

Preparing for Professional Food Photography Shoot - Commercial food photography should be about differentiating yourself from the crowd and showcasing your expertise. It starts with a strong brief and ends with the perfect shot.

There are so many uses for food photography that I always carefully plan a shoot with you to ensure that the resulting images can be used to greatest potential on your website, in your menus, on social media platforms, in your newsletters and your printed literature.

A commercial food photoshoot is an art form that can be challenging to put together if you're not a seasoned professional. I will meet with you first to get a feel for the images you are wanting to portray and what kind of atmosphere you'd like your customers to envisage when they see your photographs.

Your commercial food photography should capture the very essence of your venue and make it easy for potential customers to imagine themselves there, enjoying all that your establishment has to offer. Then we'll make a plan to photograph in a way that will highlight what matters most to you. Within the planning we will also factor in a schedule that enables the kitchen to prepare so that food is pictured in its freshest, most appealing form.

Whether you're shooting for print or digital media a level of planning is key to capture shots quickly so that the food doesn't get cold, dry out or lose its shine. In addition, I can also prepare headshots of your team for a real ‘behind the scenes’ portfolio.

If you want to work with a commercial food photographer who Simply understands that your food is your brand and can help you build an unrivalled reputation as a provider of exquisite edibles let’s talk about what you can achieve with my commercial food photography. Contact Simply C today to Find out More

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Food Photography FAQs

How much does commercial food photography cost?

As with all of my photo shoots I always price each project as the individual that it is. We can factor in how many shoots might be needed (especially if we need to work around diners or fading light), whether we will need to use a studio and how many dishes the kitchen can produce. Once we have decided how best to make the photoshoot work I will provide a quotation.

Why hire a commercial food photographer?

As a specialist food photographer, I understand how hard your food images need to work. These aren’t just photos of food, they are a representation of your brand and values.

Your food needs to look literally ‘good enough to eat’ and by using the beauty and benefits of natural light and an understanding of how to best represent your offering I will elevate your menu and your premises with delicious images.

A professional food photographer doesn’t just take ‘nice’ photographs of food – I make sure that all the aesthetics are correct, that the food is well positioned and balanced, the most important elements are in sharp focus and the less important are falling out of focus. I make sure that the colours are fresh and eye-catching and that the food literally looks good enough to eat.

What does a food photographer do?

A professional food photographer captures images of your food and beverages to encourage people to visit your restaurant, order from your website or book your catering services for their event. I work with clients to identify what they want to achieve and who they want to reach before planning a food photography shoot that meets all their criteria and more.

How is professional food photography done?

I will always work with my client to create the ideal brief based on their business. If they run a restaurant or premises, we can plan to include as much or as little of the background and location into their shoot as possible. I can capture candid shots that include diners enjoying their meal, standalone images that focus on beautifully plated, appetising food or even white background shots.

What is the purpose of food photography?

Taste is one of our strongest senses, closely followed by smell. But when your customers don’t have the option to use those senses then ‘sight’ needs to work incredibly hard. My professional food photoshoots showcase menus to entice diners and customers when taste isn’t an option.

What is food photography?

Commercial Food Photography is the photographing of food images specifically with the intention of using them for business and commercial purposes. However, commercial food photography isn’t restricted to photographs of the food itself, a good shoot will produce images that tell the story behind your menu and your establishment and get people booking.

Best lighting setup for food photography?

As in all my photography, lighting is crucial and experience has taught me how natural light reacts with food; what angles will make a photo look appetizing or inedible and how to compose a shot so that all the ingredients look perfect and delicious. Understanding the food itself is also key to emphasising the textures you want to draw the eye to.

Best food photography backdrop?

Because a photoshoot with Simply C is bespoke to you the backdrop will always be chosen to achieve your brief and will best resonate with your clients and brand. From a laid-up restaurant table setting to a picnic blanket or just a white background. The choices are endless and should be the most appropriate to represent your menu.

What camera for food photography?

There is so much more to a food photography shoot than the camera! Lighting, angles, lenses, styling and more all need to be considered.
To get the best you possibly can for your brand always speak to a professional food photographer.

What lens for food photography?

During a Simply C photoshoot, we will often use more than one lens for maximum effect. And the choice of lenses depends on the brief for the photoshoot as well as the setting, type of food, close up, or distanced images.

If you'd like to discuss your photographic plans for your business, contact me today.