Personal Branding

Blonde haired woman with black glasses at desk looking towards the camera giving a personal branding testimonial following a headshot photoshoot

Personal Branding Testimonial;

As a Graphic Designer, I am fussy when it comes to photography and have a strong idea of how I want myself presented…I have followed Cherry’s work for several years and love the way she captures the light and natural expression in her clients, this is what I wanted to achieve with my brand images.

Cherry was great, made me feel at ease and got down to work pretty much straight away.She is enthusiastic and ‘sees’ good images everywhere.

I’m delighted with the results and variation of the images, I will be able to use them throughout my website and social media for quite a while which is fantastic.I definitely recommend you booking a session with Cherry to enhance your brand, I wish I had invested in professional photography much sooner in my business journey.

Loved taking some personal branding headshots which Carla use in various social media platforms. You can read more about those here When is a headshot not a headshot?


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