Ruth Leigh-Testimonial

Author Portrait and headshot in mono
Portrait Testimonial.
I have known Cherry for many years, but never had the joy of working with her before. One of her black and white prints hangs on my wall and I’ve seen the results of her amazing talents through the head shots and commercial photography she does, but when it came time for me to update all my photos on social media and for the launch of my new book, Cherry was the obvious person to consult. I don’t like having my photograph taken (hideous flashbacks to the 1970s with light meters and squinting into the sun. I don’t like photos of myself. At all. Not one little bit.) However, Cherry was putting me at ease before she even got out of her car and having dressed and accessorised according to her excellent advice, I felt as relaxed as was possible under the circumstances. Cherry only uses natural light and as our shoot took place in the winter, this was quite a challenge. However, she was calm, methodical, creative and had me smiling and laughing quite naturally before five minutes had elapsed. The whole business was enjoyable and when I saw the results, I was struck dumb with joy. She really knows her craft and is an absolute delight to work with into the bargain. I cannot recommend Cherry highly enough.
I loved receiving this portrait testimonial. You can read more about which type of headshot to consider here

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