The Value of Professional Photography: Let’s Enhance Your Brand!

Professional images of welding for a local Suffolk sign making business

A photoshoot is so much more than just a few hours blocked out of your working day! It is the start of a simply fabulous investment in your business and – if planned well – the outcome will be images with invaluable repurposing and re-using potential.

Make a date! Try to choose a day when you can take a few hours away from your desk and get involved in the process. If you know that Mondays are usually busy with emails and meetings, or that on Wednesdays you have to finish in time for the school run, then avoid booking that day. Do not try and squeeze the shoot in between your 11am call and your 1pm staff meeting, you will feel flustered and rushed, and will reflect in the outcome of your pictures. The more relaxed and focused you can be, the better.

Focus – If you already have an idea as to how your images will be used, this means that we can make sure you get the shots you need on the day. Do not forget that the headshots will have multiple uses, whether that is being added to your newsletters and ‘meet the team’ promotions, or even on your website. Candid shots make great social media content, whilst product images do not have to be reserved for brochures or e-shops, as you can repurpose and reuse them within your socials, blog, and article content.

Pre-Shoot briefing – I always chat with clients well in advance of a shoot taking place. I try to understand their business and how we can best capture it. This is why, having some idea of the images you would like to achieve and the ways you will be using them, can make for a productive and valuable meeting. But don’t worry! If you had not considered the many ways your photos can be used, this is where we brainstorm your options and make sure that your photoshoot gives you the best value possible.

Pricing – Having a plan in place also means that I can price your photoshoot based on your bespoke requirements. This ensures that you know in advance how much your project will cost, with no hidden charges.

To provide a guide, my prices generally include my time spent on site, edits and a select number of images agreed in advance with a bespoke Image Licence covering Copyright.

I would always advise speaking to me candidly about your budget and what you are trying to achieve, as I can often suggest ways in which you can maximise your investment into my professional photography.

If you want to invest much more than just money into your business, contact me today and let’s discuss how we can create hardworking, valuable, assets for your business.

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