The secret ingredient for guaranteeing mouth-watering Christmas food photography

food photography

If you’re in the restaurant or catering business, then you know that having product photography which looks as good as your food tastes is vital to any successful marketing campaign. So with Christmas around the corner, is it time to wrap up some new food photography that’s as fresh as your Christmas menu? Here, I discuss what special ingredients you need to make your food photography stand out this festive season.

I’m a big believer in commercial photography being more than a visual medium. A striking and vivid image can trigger your other senses… and this is especially true when it comes to food photography. A well shot Christmas Dinner can make people salivate, all but smelling the gravy. It can generate desire through carefully placed props, and evoke nostalgic memories of happy family meals past. Meanwhile, find a professional photographer who can get the right angle, lighting and setting for a plate of your latest batch of oven fresh brownies, and you’ll have people dropping their diets and visiting your online order form faster than you can bake them.

food photography

As a commercial photographer with many years’ experience, I know how to make your food stand out from the competition, and can capture the images you need to ensure your business has a very good (and busy) Christmas.

Before I take my camera out, I will sit down with you and listen carefully, so I understand what commercial goals your photography needs to achieve. That way I can make the best lighting, styling and decoration choices to elevate your winter menu.

I always believe that commercial photography is an investment. Because when you use my food photography services, you’re investing in images that will get your tables booked, bring people into your shop or stall, and provide your online shop more traffic and sales.

food photography

Wrap up your Christmas photography now

When it comes to writing your Christmas marketing list, make sure you’ve got your festive-themed commercial photography near the top. It’s the not so secret ingredient that will feed your social media and marketing efforts during that big pre-Christmas sales push. 

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