Isolation Thoughts: A Suffolk Photographer’s Lockdown Diary

Thoughts from a Suffolk photographer in isolation cat in silhouette chasing natural light shadows

I am a sociable bunny by nature, always busy with a love of adventures. But, with a vulnerable person at home, I am adapting to a very new way of life. We all are. I don’t think there’s a single person who hasn’t had to make significant changes. I just thought I’d tell you about my little piece of the puzzle – I know you’ve been wondering… 😊

Before Coronavirus (BC) my daily activities and adventures would present landscapes or people that I would capture without a second thought on my phone or with my camera. It might be something as simple as driving past a view on my way to see a client. There was always something.

Whilst I am busy every day doing things round the house, caring for my family and my little pug Biscuit, I have no release for my creative side. Idle moments see me slip into worrying about what will be out there when this is all over – for me and my children, my friends and my clients.

Telling stories and engaging with people is what I enjoy most of all. So, I am desperate to be out there capturing the real stories that are going on. The inspirational heroism of the key workers and the people making, doing, shopping and supporting their communities. I would love to bring those stories of courage and self-sacrifice to life for everyone who is safely tucked away at home.

For the most part, I keep my attention on how fortunate we are to be safe at home, to enjoy the family time we have been afforded, and to stay in touch with my friends and clients as much as possible.

And I am sensitive to all the magical moments where I feel my creativity stir, for example:

  • The early morning light that breaks through the blinds of my front room, displaying the leaves as they dance in the wind.
  • The way the evening light shines through the fur in my dog as she lies in a sun trap and basks in the sun.
  • The Cherry blossom on my trees with the stunning blue sky behind it
  • The beauty of the emergence of Spring that I see on my daily dog walks.

Similarly, as I hope for news that the numbers of cases are starting to decrease, I focus on the things I’m most looking forward to once the restrictions are lifted. Hugging my friends, finding work again and the new and exciting ways I can work with my clients as they adapt to whatever the new normal looks like.

These are just thoughts from me, a Suffolk photographer in isolation. All images were taken on my iPhone, taken as and when those magical moments with light arose, hence the poor quality. I miss you all. Stay safe and start planning for the next chapter. I’ll be there for you every step of the way.

Cherry x

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