What images do you need when your business has people at its heart?

Young man pushing a wheel barrow in Growing Places at Nowton Park Realise Futures Testimonial Story Telling Photography

Psychology plays a part in Photography

The more I write about my craft of photography the more evidence I gather about the huge part psychology plays in the effect my photographs have on their audience.

Most people are aware that an image can make them ‘feel’ a certain way – that’s why we keep so many snapshots – to evoke memories, to remind ourselves of that great party, that beautiful sunset, those fun holidays.

I often refer to the feelings or reactions I want to create; how hungry I want to make someone feel just by looking at my food photography, or how I want my client’s audience to feel at ease with the people they will be working with from looking at their headshots– all achievable with a friendly, warm, welcoming photograph.

It isn’t just the subject that can create a reaction, the smaller details also add to the power of an image and on my social media. I recently spoke about the power of colour choices when it comes to background or styling. The commonly acknowledged symbolism of colour is another example of the psychological cues people take from photographs. Therefore, a professional photographer who understands these underlying messages is Simply worth their weight in gold.

Photoshoot day at Realise Futures

Photoshoots for products and food and working with objects that can be styled and posed is one thing. But what happens when ‘people’ are your offering? What about those businesses offering a service or an environment that revolves around the people in it? Businesses like this need to show their caring side very clearly, and how they operate on a human level.
I was recently very proud to provide a multi-site commercial photoshoot for ‘Realise Futures’, a wonderful local organisation that aims to enhance people’s lives through work placements, employment and training opportunities.

Photography across several locations

This shoot was such a fantastic project and took place across seven of their sites – each one offering their users different services; and each with the aim to improve and promote the economic and social wellbeing of those who are disadvantaged and/or disabled, across Suffolk and Essex.

‘Realise Futures’ really is all about their people – not just their clients but their educational and coaching team and the behind-the-scenes staff. These people and this organisation are doing great things that change people’s lives and my remit was to capture that ethos and demonstrate to their audience what they are all about. To achieve this I really wanted to capture the happiness and the pride that radiates from this organisation and that meant lots of candid, natural shots of people (staff and clients) going about their day.

A pre-planning meeting is important to get the day organised

With so many sites to cover I also had to be incredibly organised and this is why I always hold a pre-planning meeting to ensure that I can get the very best from my time on a project. At the meeting, I was also able to get an idea of where the images would be used and factor in the right shots for maximum benefit and use of the final photographs.

In a world where it can feel that companies are becoming less human, we should consider harnessing the power of humanity as an important ingredient in any successful business. Successful teams are about relationships, about personality, about everyone feeling that they belong. With businesses like this, their goal is not only to make money but to enrich people’s lives. My goal as a Commercial Photographer is to capture relatable, honest, and reassuring images that show exactly that.

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