How to Take a Corporate Headshot Style That Is Best for You

Headshots of man in white shirt against white background leaning on bannister for his corporate headshot

In these digital days, long before someone meets you in person, they’ve probably already got an idea of who you are… and what you look like. Perhaps they’ve visited your LinkedIn profile, seen you on the ‘About Us’ section of your website, or read your contributor bio in a trade publication. They might even have your sales brochure in their pocket. And no matter what else their research tells them about you, the thing that will leave the biggest impression is that corporate headshot.

Why? Because business may often happen online these days, but people still want to work with people.

Your corporate headshot does a lot of work

When you think about it like that, your corporate headshot has to do a lot of work. It must convey who you are, suit your brand identity, and make people want to get into business with you. Basically, you need an image you can trust your reputation – and livelihood – with.

As a professional commercial photographer, I’ve got a few tricks in my bag to help you achieve this. One of these is finding the right style of commercial headshot to best communicate who you are.

Which style tells your story best?

Lifestyle. This means your corporate headshot is taken in your professional environment.

Project Manager on site in his hard hat as a corporate headshotFor instance, outside your place of work, or at a significant location in your career. It’s a great way to tell your story and get across what you do. It offers a lot of ways to use background details, get a candid shot using natural light, and even bring a sense of fun into the picture.

Say, for example, you want an image that communicates your ability to lead and inspire people. We might decide to include the tools of your trade in the headshot, such as a conference podium… or even get a hint of an audience in there.

Woman Director giving a speech at an IOD Event in Suffolk event photography testimonial corporate headshots

Black and White. Want to get across a creative and contemporary image? Or even add a classic sense of timelessness to your headshot? Black and white is always something to consider, especially as it’s possible to take images in colour and then convert them to mono later.

Mono corporate Headshot of a young woman sitting at a tablePortrait. This is where your head (and the top of your shoulders) do the talking. With all the attention on you, the challenge for a professional headshot photographer is to use small details to convey your message. Say you want to demonstrate your openness and trustworthiness, a simple portrait with an open expression will do a lot of talking.

Portrait Corporate headshot of a man with dark hair in a blue shirt sitting at a table with a pink wall behind

Headshots the Simply C way

I love working with my clients to discover what they want their corporate headshot to convey about themselves and their business. For me, it’s about mixing creative ideas with a commercial sensibility, and delivering an image that gives my clients a credible, classy and expressive image that elevates them in the minds of anyone who sees it.

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